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Can I hide/falsify my IP address ?

By shpl ·
I need to securely visit some sites who I fear will want to record my IP address. Can I hide my IP address or fake it ?. My intensions mean no harm to nobody and are lined to enhancing security foo my business. I am a small business owner and can't really afford costly consultants ?. I use a simple dial-up connection.

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by informationsecure In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...

You certainly can hide your IP. All you need to do is to use an anonymous proxy - there are quite few available for you to use for free.

You can find lists of free proxy servers on the web. E.G.

Alternatively you can purchase a subscription to a commercial proxy service. Just do a web search for "anonymous proxy server", and you will get huge numbers of results - both free and commercial. Take your pick.

The degree of privacy that each proxy may provide you with can vary considerably. You need
to choose carefully!

Note that many services - especially commercial services in westernized countries, will happily provide their governments with details of where you surfed and what you did while you were surfing.

On the other hand, any of these services whether commercial or free, could conceivably track your actions on the web and use the informtion to steal your identity or blackmail you.

Take care!

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by B_Pope In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...

Just to add to answer 1
Service providers whether ISP's or businesses providing proxy servers are required by law to retain complete records of all IP addresses & the IP addresses those IP's visit.
The length of time this information is retained is the only variable, typically 30 days minimum. Virtually every country have laws that require this data retention.

So surfing anonymously is really just a myth, while the site you visit may not see your actual IP address, if they wanted it & have a valid reason for that info a judge will grant them access to your records. International borders do little to prevent it as most countries have treaties with each other that allow the flow of such information.

My current IP address has no reverse DNS (which is uncommon), but my ISP still retains my data for 90 days whether I like it or not.

In the end, to connect to a site or service you do so with an IP & it's always tracable.

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by cm_szasz In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...
all anoni mizers i hope it helps u can also use them to get around bess at my school how do u think im posting this:)

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by missart In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...

This question has been answered a million times on the Internet. Check out <a href=></a> for a comprehensive overview.

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by nigelfox In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...

be careful with any solution where your web browser runs on your own computer.
they are not guaranteed solutions. is 100% safe.
it is because the browser runs on their server.

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For hiding your ip

by EugeneJohnson In reply to Can I hide/falsify my IP ...

You can use
1) proxy (there are a lot of it in the net for free), but it is not safety
2)VPN (virtual private netwokk) with enctiptyon. Two mounth ago a used - this service, but for today my choice is (no logs, data enryption)

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