Can I install Exchange 2000 to another server and replicate to give high av

By jdemontjoie@myPlace ·
OK. I can just about limp by on my very meagre knowledge of Exchange so hoping that someone out there may be able to help me out with this one...

Small company, <50 users with three W2k servers. On one is installed Exchange 2000. Is it possible to install Exchange on a second server, replicate the .edb stuff (through Exchange) and have it take over if the first server goes pop?

Or do we need to buy 3rd party tools?

To put you in the picture, there is no cash to do this so clustering is out. Happy for a little manual intervention if required, but would prefer something that'll take over when I'm not there.

I'm expecting it not to be possible, but you never know!

Many thanks,


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Can I install Exchange 20 ...

Exchange itself cannot do this, you need third party software to replicate mailboxes. a Cluster would be better but you need share storage for it to work.

What you can do is use NTBackup and backup Exchange and copy the backup file to the second server. IF the first server dies you just need to restore the databases on the 2nd server.

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Will the second Exchange sit on the LAN behaving itself?

by jdemontjoie@myPlace In reply to Replication

Interesting, thank you!

Will the second copy of Exchange sit on the network without interfering with the first? From a quick Google, it seems there is a /disasterrecovery install switch. Would I install the second instance using the switch, restore the databases as you suggest and then "remove" the disaster recovery bit to get it all up and running?

Sorry for the gormless questions...

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2nd server

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Will the second Exchange ...

If you had a disaster, the machine would have to have to same name as the original to be able to restore to it. So you cannot have 2 servers with the same name on the network at the same time, it would be either off or disconnected until its time to use it.
If disaster strikes, you switch off the original, add 2nd server to network, join it to AD, install Exchange with /disasterrecovery switch which will install the program files but use the same settings as the old server from AD. Then restore the databases. Then mount them and its up and running!

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Out of the box Suggestion

by Omnicef In reply to 2nd server

I needed this very same thing. I installed two servers with Ubuntu and created a cluster. No extra hardware is needed.) I installed 2003 Standard edition in VMWare server (also free) and set up Exchange 2003. If the primary server fails we are down for a few minutes as the virtual server requires a reboot to come up on the second server. I followed a how to article online to set this up with minimal Linux experience. Here is the link.

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