Can i install Gigabyte Geforce GT440 1GB on a Hp Pavilion

By firefox5000 ·
The HP computer is 6 years old with a new power supply 550W (Corsair).
Im removing my 8800 GT(flicker ----> dying).

I want to add an Gigabyte Geforce GT 440
I have a asus mother board on the HP PC(came with it).

What do u think?
Kind regards.

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by databaseben In reply to Can i install Gigabyte Ge ...

if the motherboard has an open slot where the video board can fit in, then sure you can install it.

the video board will override the motherboards gpu.

afterwards, go to the video boards website and install updates for it.

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Depends on the Chip Set of the M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can i install Gigabyte Ge ...

Really without knowing that it's impossible to say one way or the other.

However having said that I've seen instances where one nVidia Video Card didn't work in a system but another with the same Chip Set from a different Maker did.

On the up side you already have a nVidia Video Card that worked so it's more likely than not that another will work without problems. Here if you have a Intel Chip Set M'Board it's also more likely to work but to know that you would have to look at the ASUS Web Site for your Model M'Board Specifications which could very easily be a Special built only for HP and where HP provide all the support.

Here we would really need the Model of the Computer in Question to look up it's Specifications not the M'Board maker.


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Reponse To Answer

by firefox5000 In reply to Depends on the Chip Set o ...

I forgot to say; I bought an Gigabyte Geforce 440 GT.

Here is the spec for my PC (its in swedish but most things are understanable:))

Also the link to the hp page for this Pavilion d4180:

I hope it is enough.

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It should work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can i install Gigabyte Ge ...

You have a Intel 945 Chip Set M'Board and depending on which of the 3 GT440 Video Cards you bought all of them should work though the biggest one may give you some Memory Problems if you have a 32 Bit Operating System.

Any 32 Bit OS can only address somewhere around the 3.25 GIG of System Ram. This is the Main Memory and Video RAM so if you where to have 3 GIG of Main RAM and a 2 GIG Video Card if it worked without issues it would be slower than it could be but with over 50% of the RAM remaining unable to be mapped there could be other problems that crop up.


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Reponse To Answer

by firefox5000 In reply to It should work

Well I have already 4GB (i added more over the years) Main Memory on my PC and had 512 MB Video RAM with the 8800 GT.
So i have total 4.5 GB System Ram and things work.
U mean that my system would work faster if i removed 1.25 GB Main Memory?

Now i would have 4+1 = 5 GB System Ram.
But a 32 bit OS just doesnt addres the Main Memory if its over 4 GB, in my case with total of 4 GB Main Memory, Win XP shows thet the ram is 3.5 GB when i right click on My Computer ---> properties.

I have Windows XP Pro x64. Should i install it instead? I think my P4 660 3.6 GHz is 64Bit ready.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It should work

The 64 Bit Version of XP will be able to Address all f the RAM but it does have some Driver Issues that may not be possible to work around.

The 32 Bit Versions have a Upper Limit of somewhere around 3.25 Gig depending on Chip Set and BIOS versions and things like that. There is just no way around that limit.


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