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Can I just pay for the test?


I am thinking on taking the MSCE, does anybody know if it is possible to pay just for the test and do self study? i cant afford right now to pay the training and i am still paying my computer science degree.
I am also traying to get some security certification, any advice in this matter? again, can i study it myself and them pay just for the test? which certified is the most recommended?


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More than one way...

by terrence_brooks In reply to Can I just pay for the te ...

There's nothing written in stone that says you have to complete an expensive training course prior to taking a MCP exam. That being said, if you have limited experience on the product you are testing on, it may be in your best interests to take a course, to get more hands on experience. I am doing self-study for the MCSE too, but I have a couple years experience with Windows 2000 to build on. You have to judge for yourself if just using a study will get you by. I think the best way, if you don't have practical experience, is self-study combined with hands-on practice in a home lab (if that's economically feasible).

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6 years of expericence plus a computer science

by REZUMA In reply to More than one way...

hi, thanks for your answer, i have a year and a half experience with windows 2000, plus 6 years in the IT field as a ssytem administrator and a degree in computer you know which is the best way to self-study the test? should i buy the books? is there any particular good website i show go...?

thanks again for your answer

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by terrence_brooks In reply to 6 years of expericence pl ...

If you are going for Microsoft certifications, try their website:

Go to Microsoft Certifications, then click on the certification you are interested in, and you'll find the number of exams need to obtain the certification, the MOC course, and the corresponding Microsoft study guide (which you would be interested in).

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of course you can

by Andre_Nick In reply to Can I just pay for the te ...

i never pay money for teachers.
simply i have no extra money.

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by Perm In reply to of course you can

It depends on the person too. If you are not going to force yourself to sit down and study then take the courses. They are expensive but it should force you through them and to study. I am trying to get through them now as well. I have the A+ and ACE(crystal reports) but I am having a hard time making myself study. I might take one course to kind of kick me in the butt.

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NEVER take courses

by Gull In reply to

The 1-week Microsoft courses offered by Training companies are ALL total scams... Spend the money on software and some good books. Teach yourself over months. You can't learn enough in a week, and you won't remember it all.

If you want classroom training and a teacher, take a class at a local community college... a semester long class, not a 1-2 week certification cram class. Community colleges are usually cheap, and they have open labs you can use all semester on your own time to really learn this stuff.

Jobs are not plentiful for entry-level IT right now. Do NOT put yourself $5-10k in debt in hopes of getting a job.

You can learn this stuff on your own... You may need a community college to learn the basics. After that, you should be able to learn from books and playing with the software yourself. If you can't, then you probably shouldn't be in I.T.

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If you have experience

by Gull In reply to Can I just pay for the te ...

Exam Cram books and Transcenders is all you need to pass if you have any experience..

No need to spend thousands on classes if you have any experience at all (actually, never spend thousands on classes no matter what)

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What's about classes...

by Coucnil In reply to If you have experience

Of clourse, classes can help you, but I think that firs and foremost good IT specialist in any field is experience. Also self-studying is very conviniet, but may be relaxing. W/o any control you can do things worse and worse. So, if you feel enough willpower, then you haven't to take classes.

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The Short and Long Answer

by TomSal In reply to Can I just pay for the te ...

The short answer - yes you can.

The long answer - My first bit of advice for anyone taking a cert test in ANYTHING, get your mindset right first. Are you taking the test because you just care about the piece of paper that has some letters and a company logo stamped on it OR do you honestly want to know and learn the material that the cert stands for?

If you just care about the piece of paper, thinking that "all I want is to get by and collect as many certs so I can pass myself off as an IT pro just enough to fool someone to get hired"...then...well good luck in your con..oops I mean job interview, make sure you keep your resume handy though because your new IT job won't last long.

As for those that REALLY value the knowledge first, the cert second -- you have to do simply what you feel is BEST FOR YOU! Ignore folks who say never go to school, ignore folks who say JUST go to school. Remember, the most sound advice anyone can give anyone (and what I tell myself over and over again) no one is responsible for YOU..besides......(tada) *YOU*. If you fail at your job from bad training, the folks who tell you how you need to train won't be feeling the failure YOU will. They won't be missing their mortgage payments YOU will, etc. Get my drift?

You know your capacity to learn, you know your desire for the job, you know your attention span, you know your finances...YOU decide! What works for you. Be a leader not a follower.

Good luck man!

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