Can I just "remove" the components I don't want after I install "I-Tunes"?

By dthompso1 ·
for example:
can't I remove "Apple Mobile Device Support", "Bonjour" etc. after installing I-tunes?

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by robo_dev In reply to Can I just "remove" the c ...

Of course, if you have an Apple Mobile Device, iTunes might not be able to find it.

Apple likes to throw in at least five apps that 90% of the world does not need. Bonjour lets you share iTunes libraries, with another PC also running Bonjour/iTunes, or with a mac.

On my PC iTunes installed Safari, Quicktime, etc, etc.

In effect, Apple seems to be trying to convert my PC into a Mac....

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there's an article on ZDNet . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Can I just "remove" the c ...

that Ed Bott wrote

his article details how to install only the required / desired components

I don't know if you can remove what you don't want after the fact

but you could try, after you backup your files first

and if it goes poot

then you can uninstall and do the specific component install as detailed in Ed's article

and restore your files

I don't use itunes so I can't tell you how to backup & restore the files so you don't lose access to any downloads you bought

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Sure it's easy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I just "remove" the c ...

With ITunes all you really need is ITunes and Quick Time you can either untick the Bonjour etc before installing ITunes or go to the Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the unrequited services/apps.

Though as stated above ITunes may have some problems finding Apple Devices if you remove the Mobile Device Support depending on what you actually want to do.


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