Can I just use apps & camera on cell phone?

By techimpaired ·
I am severely "Tech Impaired", so my question may seem a bit simple, but I would like to know if there is a call/Smart phone that I can take with me to Europe to just use the Apps & Camera, without using any kind of cell phone service. I don't want to make any calls while I'm there; just use the apps & camera. I don't need the cellphone service at home, either, as I don't make many calls and just use Tracfone.

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Absolutely, but it will cost you

by robo_dev In reply to Can I just use apps & cam ...

Since getting a cell-phone service contract entitles you to a lower-cost phone, then you have to pay full-price for the phone, but it will work as a camera and app platform.

But logically, if you want Apple apps, get an ipod touch or iPad, and buy a camera.

A smartphone is an expensive compromise between a good camera, a good application platform, and a good phone. Even the cheapest Nikon digital camera will have better battery life and take better pictures, and the cost of an iPhone 4 without a contract would be about the same as an iPad.

ALSO, if you already have a phone, you can remove the SIM or switch it over to 'Airplane mode' to shut off the phone part. Since roaming in Europe can be horribly expensive, you might not want to use a US-carrier-based phone over there

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Here it all depends on the Apps you wan to use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I just use apps & cam ...

Some Apps rely in the Data Service of a Phone Carrier to get Data or transfer data to the cloud.

So if the apps you want to use do not involve a Data Service of any kind like GPS for instance then they can be used without a Telco Contract.

But if they rely on a Data Service of any kind then no you can not do as you ask here.

The camera isn't an issue unless you need to send the pictures and can not use some kind of lead to connect the phone to a computer to empty the images and free up RAM.

If you already have a Phone you can use this but if you are planning on buying a handset it's a very expensive way around for what is at best a second rate device. Phone cameras can never produce as good a picture as a dedicated Camera so depending on what you want to photograph it may or may not be suitable.

Generally speaking Phone Cameras are only good for Happy Snaps if that is of any help.


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Short answer: Yes.

by seanferd In reply to Can I just use apps & cam ...

If you have this phone already, just turn off the phone bit. (Airplane mode or whatever.) Of course, any apps depending on a server or connectivity will not work.

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Basic Cell phone that takes pictures - Yup

by rumseycw In reply to Can I just use apps & cam ...

Hey there are tons of them. I like my old Motorola V3 Razr. It has a carmera and video camera app. You can put in a huge memory card for $29 and take bunches of pictures or a video session. The Moto V3 RAZR phone is on EBay for $10-$60 ++. Some are being sold with all cables and chargers for $10 right now.

You can get a data cable (USB to mini-B) to download your pictures onto you PC with XP or above OS drivers or obtain a program called P2KCommander.exe from the Internet. Of course you can remove the card everytime it is full and use a USB Card reader (You must purchase the reader) to transfer file to your computer.

There are tons of help pages on Internet about Moto V3 RAZR app, add-on and DIY stuff you might enjoy besides telephone calls.

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