Can I link my ADSL wireless router with my cable modem?

By miguel.syjuco ·
I'm wondering if anyone please can help a tech-unsavvy newbie? Currently, my desktop is connected (via ethernet cable) to my cable provider, via the Motorola SB5100 Surfboard they provided. However, I've an old unused D-Link G604T ADSL wireless router, which I have from my former ADSL provider. I'd like to link my laptop to the network, and I'm wondering if I can use that D-Link ADSL router, or if I need to buy a cable router in order to connect to the net via my cable modem?

I've searched the net for info on this, and some is helpful, but I simply don't know how to pass the first step and connect to my router to change the DSHC settings (which I've read online that I should do). Can someone kindly please walk me through from start to finish?

I spent all last night til 4am trying to get my PC to communicate with my ADSL router via an ethernet cable. When I connect them, the port lights on the router blink with activity, and the Local Area Connection status window says there's some activity, though there's blank fields for IP Address, subnet mask, and default gateway. After about a minute the Local Area Connection gives up and the activity light on the router goes off.

I can't figure out how to get it to work! Thanks in advance for any help!

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ADSL wireless router ad cable modem

by minhthanhbis In reply to Can I link my ADSL wirele ...

hello there, you seems have the same problem like mine I wonder if you had solved it. Here is my description : I just changed the provider from ASDL to cable, and the new provider gave me a modem which has only one ethernet and no wireless conection, if I want a wireless connection then I have to buy a new router from cable company but since I have an old adsl wireless router I would like to hook it in the cable moderm, so my others pc can connect to internet by wifi, but I dont know how to configure the router.

Thank you so much in advance to some helps!

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