Can I make an XP install CD from an XP installation?

By DKeith45 ·
I have an old copy of WinXP pro and it is not the right version for BartPE to access. I have a copy of SP2 handy. Can I Install the WinXP Pro to a fresh hard drive, update it to SP2, then make a workable install CD or DVD from this installation so BartPE can use it?

I'm sure I've read about this being possible somewhere in the past, but have never needed to do such a thing till now.

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Use nLite to slipstream in SP2

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I make an XP install ...
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nLite works great

by DKeith45 In reply to Use nLite to slipstream i ...

Thank you kindly... nLite worked perfectly, and I was able to burn the resulting ISO file to a bootable image using InfraRecorder.

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Sadly, I'm still no closer to a bootable USB drive

by DKeith45 In reply to nLite works great

While the new bootable WinXpProSp2 CD is great now... BartPE is still refusing to budge on my bootable USB drive project.

Following the TechRepublic tutorial (bootable_usb.pdf)at page 5 of 7, and at a command prompt at the "pebuilder3110a" folder, then typing the suggested: "pe2usb -f h:" I got an error message from BartPE stating that the volume of my Sandisk Cruzer 8gig USB drive is too large to format for Fat16/12 and the format failed... and I'm SOL.

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I've never done nLite slipstreaming.

by Ron K. In reply to Sadly, I'm still no close ...

I probably shouldn't be talking but I'm wondering why you need to format to anything but NTFS. What's the format now?

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why does BartPE need to format the UFD?

by DKeith45 In reply to I've never done nLite sli ...

Got me there. The UFD is formatted Fat32. -shrug- I have no idea why BartPE needs to format the drive in Fat 16. I guess I'm going to have to email BartPE and ask what the largest partition BartPE can be installed into.

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Re: V andomburg

by DKeith45 In reply to Have you seen this articl ...

Interesting article. Best thing I got from it was the BartPE forum. AND, the FDISK type program within WinXP, which I didn't know existed... sadly, it doesn't detect the UFD... so I'm still in the **** of not being able to partition the UFD so I can install BartPE. LOL... Bart, you're a good soul... but it's time to upgrade your proggy mate. I guess I'm going to have to search the net to find a partition program that'll work on UFD's.

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FAT16 Limitation

by willcomp In reply to Sadly, I'm still no close ...

FAT16 has a 4GB partition size limit. I haven't tried Bart PE on a flash drive but must assume it's trying to format with a FAT16 partition. Use Disk Manager in Windows XP to identify format of your flash drive. Most are factory formatted to FAT32.

An option may be to use a smaller flash drive (4GB or less).

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Fat 16 limitation

by DKeith45 In reply to FAT16 Limitation

Ok. So I need to format the UFD into two partitions then... I wonder if I can use FDISK to partition a UFD?

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