Can I move XP from one hard disk to another in the same pc?

By bradlf ·
I have a Dell Dimension 4300 with XP Pro installed with the computer and I do not have the XP install disc.

(I have purchased another used Dell and was trying to transfer a HD to it with XP, but have found it would be a license violation and wouldn't work - another thread!)

I have a 40g (which used to have XP on it) and a 190g Maxtor (which when I installed it, transfered the XP to it) - which was done through the Maxtor install disc. Is there a way to reverse this w/o XP disc? I was going to give this older computer to a friend but wanted to save the larger HD to save time re-installing a lot of software...

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Sure why not, but

by IC-IT In reply to Can I move XP from one ha ...

You will need to uninstall any licensed programs that are not freeware before giving her the old system. Her registry will need to be cleaned, old traces of programs should be cleaned up etc.
Use the Maxtor CD to clone the old installation. connect that drive to the newer Dell and use the new XP license to do a Repair.
Should you try to use the old license, eventually one machine will fail with the too many uses of this license message.

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Use Norton Ghost

by mhines In reply to Can I move XP from one ha ...

You can use Norton Ghost in order to move the OS from one hard drive to another. Norton Ghost will create an exact image of the hard drive and you can copy that image to the other drive. (this includes OS and all files and folders on the hard drive)

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