can i obtain the same ip all the time?

By Guru Tech ·
if the DHCP server is disabled and the node is set to obtain ip can that node get the same ip address all the time?

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If you disable the DHCP server

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to can i obtain the same ip ...

You aren't going to get any address..

You disable DHCP on the client, and then give yourself an address. It's called s static address, google for more info.

You can reserve an address in the server.
And yes it's always yours, unless you gave it to someone else as well and they connect first.

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Set IP on your Network Card

by saurabh_2507 In reply to can i obtain the same ip ...

Disabling DHCP makes no sense. Probably you mean to say 'Disabling Static DHCP'. so in this case you can set an IP addr on your system's network card & mostly every time DHCP server will issue you the same IP as that is there on your card. This will not happen if some other machine is also requesting for same IP & it will show up as IP addr conflict on your desktop.
If everything goes fine then after 2-3 sessions you can set your card to `Obtain IP auto' & I have seen that DHCP will keep on issuing you same IP addr everytime. But we are not very sure about how long it will do like that.

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If you need the same IP all the time...

by Stephen570 In reply to can i obtain the same ip ...

If you need the same IP all the time and the network is using a DHCP server:

-You can have the DHCP server assign you the same address every time - this can be done on most DHCP servers and will use the MAC address to identify you and assign the IP address.

-You can set the DHCP server to assign IP addresses from a certain range. You can then set your computer to a static IP address outside of that range, that way the DHCP server never assigns the IP you use to another computer on the network.

If there is no DHCP server on the network (or it is disabled), your computer can not obtain an IP address (it obtains it from a DHCP server). You can set a static IP address on the local machine - just make sure no other computer on the network is using the same IP address.

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