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Can I open all XP windows to max size?

By scarriecox ·
Is there a way to automatically open all folder, drive & program windows to the maximum size? My documents and any folders in my doc automatically do it, but nothing else does and I have folder options set the same for all folders. It really annoys me..forgive me if this is a stupid question. Thanks

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by jc2it In reply to Can I open all XP windows ...

"forgive me if this is a stupid question."

Only the unasked question is stupid and you asked.

Unless there is a registry hack that I am unaware of windows usually open to the last size that you used them at. At least this has been my experience. So open Word, Firefox, and Notebook increase them to their maxium size and close them. The next time you open them they should "remember" the last way you opened it.

I have experienced the odd poorly written software package that did not do this, but I refuse to use them that way for long. I will find an alternative if the program locks me into a 800x600 window.

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by statykserver In reply to Can I open all XP windows ...

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong so I think your safe here but if you open a folder and it doesn't open maximized then you put your mouse by the lower right hand corner of the window until it turns into a double arrow, then click and drag the window until it is fully maximized (you might have to put the upper left corner of the window to fit the screen). Now close it and reopen it. That should do it.

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by statykserver In reply to

NZ-Justice: I guess the polite thing would be to maybe offer him a script that you've written yourself that would do the trick for him or point him in the right direction, although I think writing a script for a simple function like maximizing windows is a bit too much. (IMHO)

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Can I open all XP windows ...

You could write a script or service or program to run in the background that recognises application windows then maximizes them once they are open.

I recommend you write a service. But unless you have a programing language already will be a little mission to set up.

If you can not code then you could always search the net for an already written script or service or program, but be careful some scripts and services and programs are evil (destroy your computer, steal your info etc..) so safer to write it yourself.

Use vbscript to create a script, you already have it and it already runs on your comp.

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