Can I Organize Files in Sharepoint Better?

I have a client that does a bunch of banner ads for sponsors. I am moving them to Sharepoint and need to find a better way to organize their current file organization. Currently, the have have client folders and sub folders of art and logos, etc. When a new banner needs to be created, they create a folder for 'banner01' and copy all of the art files into it from the different client folders. When the next banner needs to be created, they create a 'banner02' folder and copy art files to it... you get the point. They have duplicates of JPG's and EPS files in the double digits.
Is there a way to organize a Sharepoint library to store just one copy of the JPG and EPS files, but be organized so that they "appear" in the different 'bannerxx' folders? Like how GoogleDocs does Labels, maybe?


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by BillMlod In reply to Can I Organize Files in S ...

Suggest you study a little on using metadata and different views in Sharepoint. We have started using SP here and have almost eliminated folders for most departments. Also helps remove the duplicate file problem, one copy of file with links to the file, change the master copy & all others see the change as well.
Hope that helps a little.

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What View Do You Suggest?

by ATLTEK In reply to Metadata

You've got my attention....
Now, can you please give me an example of how you managed to do this?
I've been reading and reading and reading, but need a little more direction :)

Thank you!

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