Can I partition Server 2008 R2 using GParted?

By PuterGuy07 ·
I have a Dell R710 server with PERC 6 RAID controller and 2 logical partitions in that RAID array. My C: drive partition (OS partition) is running low on space (1 Gig left), but my (data partition) has a lot of space left. My questions are as follows:

1. I've heard that GParted has issues with Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 because of changes to the code base starting in Vista. Is this still true, or have newer versions of GParted Live fixed this issue? Something with rounding cylinders and moving the starting cylinder, rendering the system unbootable.

2. Can I both shrink the data partition and extend the OS partition in one operation, and just hit the "apply" button?

3. Are there any special settings I need to use to make this work in Server 2008 R2?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you can

by PuterGuy07 In reply to Can I partition Server 20 ...

I was able to complete the partition resizing with GParted 8.0-5 Live CD version with no problems. My understand is that as long as you don't modify or otherwise move the first sector on the boot partition, that everything is compatible with Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008 (all versions).

I did have to put my spectacles on, however, to notice why I was having problems. Although I had correctly unallocated the disk space, it was still part of an extended partition (my data partition). As soon as I selected the entire extended data partition (which included the unallocated space), and performed a resizing on that partition, I was able to then assign that space to the end of my OS partition.

I will say however, that there were a few moments of doubt, as Server 2008 rebooted on its own twice to run StartRep.exe. I'm not sure everything that it does, but I suspect that checks MBR, runs chkdisk and generally takes inventory of the new details of the disks you modified outside of Windows.

This is certainly much better than spending $500 to $700 on a server version of partitioning software that I would use once.

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Partition magic alternative

by mecathy In reply to Can I partition Server 20 ...

Here is an article provide two ways to extend partition on windows server 2003, but the situation is similar to yours. It introduce extend server partition use Diskpart command( in the bottom of this article) and use the Partition magic alternative software Partition Assistant, you can learn more from here:

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