Can I ping my work computer?

By GLeung ·
Out of curiosity, is there a reason I can't ping my work computer from my home computer?


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No there is no reason why you can not ping your work computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I ping my work comput ...

If you are connected to a VPN to the office and your Work Computer is part of that setup.


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Loads of them

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Can I ping my work comput ...

Unless the admin boys at your place are thimble brained incompetents, they'll have blocked pings coming in from outside.
I'd be horrified if you could hit anything but the kit that's meant to be exposed to the outside world.

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Loads of them

"Thimble Brained Incompetents"....LOL Sounds like a punk band name.

There are a fair number of these TBIs running around, and I've seen cases where security administrators have simply made mistakes.

To be technically precise, even if the PC was connected to a simple router, and not a firewall, it would not be pingable since it's IP address would normally be a private address such as

Even if a site were totally left insecure, you might be able to ping the site router/firewall itself, using it's public IP address, but not the individual PC since it has no public IP address.

If, for example, there were a firewall rule that allowed Network Address Translation (NAT) and opened a port, (e.g. port 23 for telnet), then if you launched a telnet session using the external IP address of the site firewall, it would establish that telnet session with the PC.

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Can I ping my work computer?

by Alphonse@mb In reply to Can I ping my work comput ...

Actually i see no reason y you can't logon to the both systems. pls kindly check if you did the following ( say if you are on a VPN Network)
1. is the IP address of the Router back at home added to into Your VPN main IP list (office)?
2. Has your ISP added or configure the same IP to its system?
I guess if the above questions are correct then i see no reason Why you shouldn't have connection,Internet,Ping the various IPs within the Network range.

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Never thought about trying to let ping through to be honest

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Can I ping my work comput ...

Just did a wee google, and it's not generally a matter of a flicking a switch.

All sorts of weird and wonderful ways to do it, deoending on your kit, be interesting why the OP wanted to do it in the first place.

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