Can I please get some much needed help with my slow tablet?

By JADavis9 ·
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I've been suffering with this ultra slow Motion LE1600 that I've had since new and have basically never had off of my desk.
I've added max ram and had a shop replace the fan inside. It tears me up how slow it can be at times. It's almost as if it is only running on the tiny amt of RAM built onto the board. I see "Nota Responding" during normal use up at the top of Internet Explorer or in a box when I'm trying to log of or shut down.
Often when I click on a Program in the Start menu, nothing happens for 5 or 10 minutes. But I've learned not to click it again since if I do, soon multiple copies of the SAME program will pop open.
I use Piriform cCleaner and Defraggler and I've always run Security Essentials. I do VERY little browsing and hardly any You Tubing.
But this piece continues to drive me crazy. I've been able to replace a hard-drive on my DELL Dimension **50 and start over with it and MAN does it run FAST!
Can someone please jump in and offer me some help? Money is tight for me so it's up to me to get 'er done myself and I need help. I've tried EVERYTHING that I can thing of or find on the internet. I've run some overclocker things that I haven't a clue what they are are about.
I've tried turning off stuff that starts at Startup by using MSCONFIG or cCleaner's Startup manager.

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Have you reloaded the OS lately?

by robo_dev In reply to Can I please get some muc ...

That tablet is capable of running XP tablet reasonably well, so if it is running slowly, then it's something that is running or some OS configuration issue.

When it is running slowly, what is the processor utilization?

Microsoft Security Essentials uses a lot of processor utilization. It is a not a bad AV package but it is not the best either. Have you scanned it with something like Malware Bytes? While it's a pain to reload the OS, that would be one way to clear up any malware or OS configuration issue.

To rule out hardware issues I would try a USB live distro of Ubuntu, as that would tell you it's not the system itself that is running slow.

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have you tried backing it up

by PurpleSkys In reply to Can I please get some muc ...

and just doing a reload? Personally, I think it's just old. It's what, 8-10 yrs old? There's not likely too much you can do for it anymore outside of keeping it cleaned up. A wipe and reload may help but i'm thinking it's just old

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