Can I please have some advice on OWA. IIS7.5, and Exchange 2010?

By ADNetworkSolutions ·

I'm having some problems with OWA. It is the first time I have installed Exchange 2010 (Other than SBS2011), I think the issue is possibly dns related but if possible I would like to have some advice before delving into the problem a little further.

The scenario:-

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Ediiton with 2 NICs. Internet NIC facing the router with static, and Private NIC with static The private NIC is serving DNS with forwarders, NAT is running, the network works perfectly.

I have then installed Exchange 2010, and set up send and receive connectors for, as well as some test mailboxes etc. I have created a local dns forward zone for, and within that zone have an A record pointing to my Internet facing NIC as well as name server entries for the server itself (server.localdomain.local, both internal ip's listed on the entry). In the dns of my domain provider (public dns) I have an A record set up to point to my ISP provided public static IP address as well as an MX record set up to do the same. On testing the mail element works fine.

Outlook anywhere has been enabled in Exchange and the default website in IIS7.5 has an OWA directory of http://mail.localdomain.local/owa and utilising ports 80 and 443 in the bindings.

Internally OWA works fine on both http and https (even using but externally I cannot reach any of these websites. As a very quick check (as the server is not yet live) I popped the server into the DMZ and still could not reach these sites. I may be missing something very obvious as Exchange is not my strong point, and apologies if I am, but any help or advice on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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How long has it been since you posted your public A/MX records?

by seanferd In reply to Can I please have some ad ...

If it was very recently, many resolvers still won't know where to go for the lookup.

Have you tried
making sure the query goes to some different public resolvers?
e.g., nslookup [your ISP resolver IP]

You can also look at tests like these
to check up on your records.

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Reponse To Answer

by ADNetworkSolutions In reply to How long has it been sinc ...

Hi seanferd, thank you for your reply. I managed to get to the bottom of the problem, I interrogated the firewall logs and could see my inbound connection to the webserver on my internet lan, but in turn wasn't getting passed to my internal lan. It was something that I shouldn't have overlooked as fairly obvious, but I popped into routing and remote access to allow HTTP and HTTPS over the NAT. The problem has been resolved, thank you for help as you made me double and triple check everything with regards to dns so I knew that that could not be the issue.

Thank you


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Response to How long has it been since you posted your public A/MX records?

by ADNetworkSolutions In reply to Can I please have some ad ...


Thank you for your reply. At the time of writing the post they had been posted 4 days. I had already used nslookup to try to resolve and it points to my ISP provided public IP address. Upon testing through I noticed there is no reverse lookup. Could this be the issue?

Again thank you for your quick reply.


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