Can I plug my DVD recorder into my PC and copy discs to hard drive?

By dcedlin ·
My dvd recorder wont finalise after recording therefore I cannot view discs on any other dvd player. Can I plug my dvd recorder into my pc and copy the disc contents to my pc hard drive and burn to dvd so that the discs are compatible with most dvd players? If so what do I need and how do I do it?

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Most likely NO

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can I plug my DVD recorde ...

Depending on what you are using as a DVD Burner. If it's an external one you need to allow the computer to control it and break the Anti Coping Software programs on the DVD. Most external DVD Recorders are incapable of allowing this to happen.

Here I take it you mean a DVD Box that was originally plugged into a TV and not a computer DVD Drive.

Depending on the make of the DVD Recorder you may be able to flash the Firmware and update the embedded software that allows it to copy DVD's or it may be better to buy a Internal DVD Burner for your computer. You can even change a NB's Optical Drive to a DVD Burner though it's more expensive to do and you'll need the service manual from the NB's maker.

If you have a desktop Computer system it's an easy cheap change and most DVD Burners come with their own Software generally some form of Nero so if you wish to use that you can download a copy of DVD 43 to crack the Anti Copying and region Codes and a copy of DVD Shrink to shrink a 8 GIG DVD down to the 4.7 GIG capacity of a single layer DVD Blank.

There may be some DVD's that you still can not copy and if that's an issue the best way to proceed is to remove any CD/DVD burning software from your computer and buy a copy of DVD neXt Copy or the older version DVD X Copy the former is defiantly the best available but has also been classed as Illegal in the US so you'll have to buy it on line and load that. It's an excellent product that I've yet failed to manage to copy a single DVD with and I've had some really hard ones to copy.

Ones that are made by Government Agencies for Veterans and their Service Records have proved the hardest to copy and they where not even Copyrighted though they have very limited use outside of the Veteran Affairs Department and the members of the family of the person involved.


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No copyright

by dcedlin In reply to Can I plug my DVD recorde ...

I have a Pioneer DVDR-230 hooked up to my TV and records free to air programs which I watch later. The recorder wont let me finalise the disc after recording so I can only view the contents on that player. I have a brand new computer with DVD writer, video card, and TV tuner. What I want to do is hook up the Pioneer DVD player to my PC, view the unfinalised discs via my TV tuner, record to hard drive via the tuner then edit, and once editing is complete, burn to disc using my PC DVD writer.

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Well depending on your Video Capture Card/Tuner

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No copyright

Hook the external DVD Drive up to the Computer through the TV Input card and record to the HDD as you require and then with your DVD Burning program burn till your hearts content.

Of course you'll need some form of Video Editing Software and you'll find the best ones available are for the Linux Platform so maybe Windows isn't such a great idea here.


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