Can I port forward from one router to another?

By camera21 ·
With my Verizon wireless modem, I want to connect to my shop's LAN. In my shop, I have a SMCD3G router/gateway from Comcast. Down the line from this, I have a Netgear N150 router, where my test computer is hooked up. Gateway address is, and netgear address is I cannot connect to test computer from outside the LAN. I want to keep the Netgear in my network, because it speeds up my internet.
Is this just a port forwarding problem, or am I not connecting these devices correctly?

P.S. I connect remotely with PCAnywhere.

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You should change your netgear into an Access Point

by robo_dev In reply to Can I port forward from o ...

First of all, home routers have firewalls built into them, so to do what you need to do, you have to understand what ports need to be opened, in each direction, and make those changes to each firewall. Further, keep in mind that most home routers are not meant to be lan-to-lan routers, so you sometimes cannot make this work since you may need to create static routes between networks.

The best plan is to reconfigure the N-150 to be an Access Point (AP). An AP is a mac-layer bridge, so that your network can all be one big happy subnet, so things like printing and file sharing work.

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Agree with Robodev

by markp24 In reply to Can I port forward from o ...

In theory you can do the port fwding, but it may be more troublesome than it worth.

i thried that from a netgear 3500 to a 3500l and found that it worked great, but the systems on the 3500 router could not print to the printer on the 3500L router, and vice versa.
so in the end it was much easier to just make it one big network.

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Me too

by duarte.rafa In reply to Can I port forward from o ...

What can I say? Robo's right, usually the less complex answer is the best. Use it as an AP. Good luck.

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