Can I put MS Access Database on a website and use it interactively?

By 1269_pdx ·
I have a MS Access database that allows for using it in a client/server mode. Can I put the database on a server that has internet access and use it in client/server mode across the web?
If yes, then how do it setup it up?
What problems would I need to resolve?
Firewall, ports, etc.

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Yes, Access on the Web is finally possible

by lkosewsk In reply to Can I put MS Access Datab ...

Hey there,

If you're still looking to put your Access database on the web, you can use EQL Data's OnWeb service to do it.

Disclaimer: I co-founded the company, but I'll plug it since I co-founded it to solve this very problem.

Let's see: you have a database, and you want to put your front-end forms on the Internet, but be able to manipulate the data from your web interface, and your local interface. NO PROBLEM.

With OnWeb, you 'sync' your database to the Web, and you get back a URL which allows you web access to it. You can synchronize data between your Web version and your local version at any time.

Not yet convinced? After years of broken promises regarding Access on the web, I wouldn't be either. That's why we have a 30-day free-trial of our product to see if it functions as you'd expect.

Have a look at our Quickstart guide, and see if this is Access on the web as you expect:

To quickly answer your questions here, in order to synchronize and view your database online, you need to be able to send and receive traffic on ports 80, 11234, and 6789.

The only setup you need to do is to install our small plugin, and synchronize a test database. Since we use the 'Access Viewer' software for security purposes on our web servers, you should create an 'AutoExec' macro that launches your initial form; you won't be able to browse all of your database objects otherwise.



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by mamies In reply to Can I put MS Access Datab ...

I currently have one setup for an inranet site, but the same principle can be applied for the internet. I basically have a Windows Server with an ODBC connection between some ASP Pages and an Access database.

Works like a charm although if you are using the database through access it will have problems using it through the site. Scares me everytime I am doing maintanance work

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