Can I put password in my web browser?

By fkliford ·
I have Magic Jack which means that I need to leave my computer on for a long period of time. But I have a guy that always come to my house (even in my absence) to use my computer. I want to know if there is a program that will block my web browser when I want to without interfering with my Magic Jack; or is it possible to put password in Explorer or Firefox?
Any comment will be appreciated.


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Firefox users

by geordie09 In reply to Can I put password in my ...

I know through experience with my old job that firefox has the ability to setup users and preferences i can't quite remember if it had the ability to password protect their users but as i dont have it installed on this machine i cant test it for you.

but the beauty with the users is that all the history and settings are only saved on your user profile so without using that user other users wouldn't know what you like to browse.

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What operating system are you using? (no text)

by Ron K. In reply to Can I put password in my ...
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Can I put a password in my web browser?

by fkliford In reply to What operating system are ...

I'm using Windows XP Professional

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how to put a password on web browser

by louis_tech In reply to Can I put password in my ...

There is a way to stop users on the computer going on certain websites to do this go under Tools > Internet Options and then security and create a password.

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depending on the OS

by .Martin. In reply to Can I put password in my ...

why not just lock the computer???

windows: windows key + L


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Less phone, but higher energy bill

by SPC_TCOL In reply to Can I put password in my ...

I was wondering what it does got for you to have your computer running all the time.
I know the Magic Jack saves you money on the phone bill, but your energy bill goes up, and you have a higher chance that someone will break into your computer and use it in his botnet.

You can lock your computer, but if I would have a Magic Jack, I would get a little nettop and use it only for the Magic Jack.

This is more cost effective.

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Lock your computer

by Slayer_ In reply to Can I put password in my ...

Windows Key + L key and it's locked. Give yourself a password. If your not particularly concerned about security, it can be a simple password HOWEVER considering there is some random guy breaking into your house and using your computer...

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