Can i re-program a netgear router with a data card from 3g to (b&g)

By the_wi_fi_man ·
Netgear mbr814x With fpc 1070 data card w/antenna
can the netgear ROUTER mbr814x with fpc 1070 data card with external antenna.... be re- Programmed router and card are setup (3G)wireless internet from cellular towers 12 mile reach towards towers. what i want to do is use it for 802.11 B&G systems, i use to have this utility company that supplied these routers and verizon bought them out and they let me keep the equipment after paying my last bill with them. so.../ do you think this can be reprogrammed for my system i supply my own internet with a system i SELL and call (irs)internet receiver systems
with a cisco router 54gl if this one can be re-programmed then i will try and aquire the others that they have, for my internet system.

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If I understand correctly

by robo_dev In reply to Can i re-program a netgea ...

The MBR814X is the same as the Linksys WRT54G3G. It's a standard WIFI router with 1 Ethernet WAN port, a 4 port LAN switch, aa 802.11BG WIFI wireless network and a PC-Card slot for the 3G radio.

It IS possible that the ISP has configured it with some custom firmware, making these devices worthless.

In order to verify this you should try resetting the device to factory defaults and attempt to do a firmware upgrade. If you can make it work just like a generic WRT54 3g, then you're all set.

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