Can I Recreate RAID1 without losing Data

By sandyp4ever ·
I have a HP ProLiant DL160 G5 Server which came with a RAID1 controller. I have created two RAID1 pairs (configured the RAID even before OS was installed) with 4x750GB hard drives. Now, we are planning to add a HP StorageWorks MSA60 Hard Drive Enclosure and add 4 more hard drives of 1TB each. When I looked for the RAID controller options, all I can do is, I have to remove the existing RAID controller, and add a HP Smart Array P800 RAID Controller to the PCIE slot.

Now my question is, if I replace the storage controller, how do I configure the RAID1 pairs so that data on my old hard drives still stay on them? Is it possible at all?


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If you put in a PCIe RAID controller in AND

by CG IT In reply to Can I Recreate RAID1 with ...

also have the existing raid controller, don't see the problem.....

I believe the expansion will work with the PCIe controller and you can continue to use the existing controller [is that a backplane or on the mainboard?]

If you break the RAID array, you might be able to rebuild it with the RAID array utilities. If this is SCSI in a RAID 1 array, you should be able to add up to 7 physical devices. As you add devices into the RAID array you can allocate them how ever you want through the controller utilities. If you put an expansion card in that card controls the new devices, you can make them their own RAID array which the BIOS will recognize and report to the operating system. you boot to which ever RAID array has the system O/S on it.

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PCI-E as well

by sandyp4ever In reply to If you put in a PCIe RAID ...

The RAID controller I have in the server is a PCI-Express card as well. This server has a sigle PCI-E Slot, and my only option is to replace this card. I've also found that the new controller uses a smart array technology, and is not compatible with the array structure the hard drives are already on. So, looks like I might have to rebuild the whole server from scratch.

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