Can I reinstall my old drivers from Ubuntu after removing XP.

By twpescodC ·
I plan to remove windows XP using the Ubuntu installer which means it will format my hardrive and remove all my drivers. If I previously backup the drivers on removable media, can I then reinstall them once Ubuntu is installed?

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Ubuntu will/should have your drivers...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can I reinstall my old dr ...

Ubuntu will install your drivers for you, so just keep the drivers for XP if you want to move back again.

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I'm at a bot of a loss here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I reinstall my old dr ...

Because Hardware Drivers are Platform Specific. So you can not use a Sound Driver for XP on a Ubuntu OS or any other XP Drivers.

But if you mean that if you backup your Drivers can you use them again if you install XP then the answer is probably No you can not.

You;ll need to backup the Install Packages for the Drivers which come on the Recovery Disc with your System if you have one, or on a Recovery Partition if you have one, Or on the Individual Hardware Install Disc's which should have come with any White Box that you purchased, or you can go to the Hardware Makers Web Sites and download the Install packages for the necessary Drivers if you do not have a these drivers anywhere else.

if you don't know what Hardware you have in this computer you can look in the Device Management Window and make a list of what is showing there to start your search for the required Drivers.


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Did you do a Live CD test ?

by markp24 In reply to Can I reinstall my old dr ...


This may be a bit late, but before you go and format that system, you may want to Run Ubuntu off CD in a Live CD envirnment to ensure all the hardware is functioning and compatible, at least for a few days, Then, I would make an image of the system using a Drive imaging program (Acronis Drive imsage XML, etc) and back it up , so if you dont have the original drivers (or there no longer downloadable)you can restore the system back to the way it was before formatting and installing Ubuntu or any OS upgrade / replacement for that matter.

good luck.

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