Can I remove a disk from a RAID array?

By RakerFaaker ·
Good Morning,

This is a brief summary of my setup;
I have a DS1513+ it is currently populated with 5x5TB WD Red disks, and configured in RAID 5, I am using approx 6TB from it at the moment which all of them are iScsi LUNs. I would like to test the SSD cache feature but unfortunately it currently has all bays used.

The question is, that I would like to see if I can remove 1 of the disks, so it will have 4x5TB in RAID 5 (degraded) , then to see if it is possible to fix the RAID without reinitailising the NAS from scratch. If possible I dont want ot move the data and rebuild the storage if possible. Then finally I install the SSD drive to use it as cache.

Can someone advise if it is possible please, and Thankyou inadvance.


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