can i replace 200 pin ddr sodimm ram with 200 pin ddr2 sodimm ram?

By simonribansky ·
hello everyone,

so im considering upgrading my Aspire 1800 laptop by increasing its ram.

it has 3.2ghz cpu
128 ati radeon x600 gpu
but only 512 mb ddr1 sodimm ram (PC2700) but as i understand it it can support up too 2 gigs.

i looked online and found that both ddr and ddr2 sodimm ram have versions with 200 pins but ddr2 is nearly a quarter the price and four times as fast.

i have a dell pc tower with only 2.8ghz cpu but it has ddr2 ram so it seems weird to me that a more powerfull technology uses an older ram technology. there are both Pentium 4.

so should i buy the ddr2 or ddr1?

thanks a lot for your help/knowledge.

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Check the documentation.

by seanferd In reply to can i replace 200 pin ddr ...

If you have a book, CD, or Acer help files installed, look at them. They'll tell you what the possible RAM specs are. Or, you can get a manual from Acer, but you need to log in as a product owner.

I haven't seen any good list of specs on the 1800, but none of them mention DDR2, just DDR. Seeing as they are not compatible, it is unlikely that you can use DDR2.

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thx for reply

by simonribansky In reply to Check the documentation.

after taking a closer look, it seem that DDR and DDR2 operate on different voltages and might not even fit. DDR2 uses about half the voltage of DDR.

So unless i can find away to modify the voltage somehow the DDR2 would just get fried.

i guess i would just have to spend the extra cash.

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There are physical differences and they won't go in the same

by Deadly Ernest In reply to thx for reply

slots anyway - I know as I've a motherboard with slots for both types and I can only populate one set or the other. the slots do have a visual physical difference.

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Bus is different as well

by seanferd In reply to There are physical differ ...

You'd need the DDR2 bus for them to work as well.

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