can I replce my damged cpu p4 2.8 with p4 3.0 ?

By 01hatem ·
Ihave thinkcenter 8189mud -m50 p4 2.8
my cpu get dameged I replace it with p4 3.0 intel
when I bootup the system I get error 0167 no processor bois updat found.
can you pl's help me to set this
what I need to update the bois ( the bois is phoenix first bois desktop pro v 2.2)
thank you so much

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In answer to your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can I replce my damged cp ...

can I replce my damged cpu p4 2.8 with p4 3.0

According tot he IBM/Lenovo Specifications of this model your answer is most Defiantly YES.

The M'Board supports 478 Package ???Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz to 3.2GHz

So it should just be a matter of changing the CPU and replacing the Heat Sink Paste then when you Boot Up enter the BIOS and set or check the listing for the CPU. When this is correct save the changes as you exit the BIOS and it should work

Full Specifications for this model is available here

http://support.lenovo .com/en_US/

Just remember to remove the space from between lenovo and the .com to get a working URL.


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You could...

by Ternarybit In reply to can I replce my damged cp ...

It's not the CPU, you bricked the bios attempting an update. Your options are call lenovo and file an RMA (which is unlikely to happen since it's 8 years old) or buy a new computer. *IF* they will replace your bios module or swap the motherboard, you might have a chance at reviving it.

You're long overdue for a replacement.

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by andrew232006 In reply to can I replce my damged cp ...

Many bios have an unflashable portion for just this predictament.
I remember restoring a P4 that was flashed with a blank bios before. I don't remember the exact procedure. But I suggest looking into the bios update utilities for your motherboard.

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