Can I run programs from my external drive?

By deekgeek ·
I have limited space left on my laptop hard drive and would like to be able to download software to my external hard drive.

Can this be done?

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what exactly do you want to do?

by NexS In reply to Can I run programs from m ...

You've been a bit vague in your question, so you'll need to specify what you want to do exactly(download to your drive, or install and run programs to your drive), what operating system you run, etc

But i'm going to take a crack and guess you're running windows based OS and you want to install software onto your external hard drive, which you shouldn't have any problems doing.

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RE: Can this be done?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I run programs from m ...

The easy part is downloading to the External Drive, you can even install programs tot he External Drive and run them from there without a problem other than running the risk of having the external Drive Overheat.

If you want to run any external drive for long periods of time you need a Actively Cooled Enclosure and not the normal type external drive enclosure. You need a enclosure like the Antec MX1 as shown here


If you can not spring for one of those you need to consider just how long you need the drive to run and use a Metal Cased Enclosure which can be sat in a cold position to aid cooling.

Also you need to understand that External Drive Enclosures lack the Physical Surface Area to cool the Drive adequately and do not isolate the drive from Vibrational Damage so if you use this type of setup your External HDD is likely not to last very long.


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by NexS In reply to RE: Can this be done?

Way to go making my post look inadequate! Hahaha, all good.
deek, read this post

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Blows me away, too

by santeewelding In reply to lol

No matter how much I thought I knew about this, he just advanced me 1.2 light years with those few words.

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Is data

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Can I run programs from m ...

or software eating up your hard drive? If the answer is data, move the data to your external drive. That's what I do on my lappies. Keep the bulk of the data on the external. Works pretty well.

I keep the externals 'mirrored'. Two duplicates.

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Sitting in her server room

by santeewelding In reply to Is data
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Shorts and a t-shirt for a server room ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sitting in her server roo ...

That's how I worked 'em on an eight hour shift - if the Boss was coming round that night it was shorts and my special t-shirt with a shirt collar & tie silk screened onto it.

He's come in to check up on me, replete in his heavy worsted wool cheap suit, crappy shirt and kipper tie - hovering in the middle of all those servers (AS400's & RS6000's - couple of dozen of 'em), looking disdainfully at this 41-year-old contracted-in techie wearing shorts and a t-shirt ("a t-shirt with a tie printed on it for God's sake!!") and within 90 seconds of his arrival, I can see the beads of sweat bursting out on his forehead and the dark stains spreading forth through the worsted wool armpits of his suit.

He mutters something incoherent among the bouts of rapid breathing, and leaves.

Back to the drudgery and sublime warmth of the otherwise uninhabited server room on the graveyard shift for another month.

Sitting by the fire? - No need.

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