Can I save a dvd?

By computergeek90 ·
I would like to know if you can save a dvd onto a vista running machine, even if the dvd is copy protected. I could not find any thing to be able to do this. Please help

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Try this

by Travler92 In reply to Can I save a dvd?
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by scott_heath In reply to Can I save a dvd?

You may be violating laws if you do so. Some people think these laws are unfair and violate our right to "fair use" of product we have paid for. Is this a data or video dvd?

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by Travler92 In reply to Well...

While I agree that copyright is to be protected and pirating software not be condoned, I belive that I have a right to make a backup copy of any software / CD or DVD that I have purchased. This I do and uses these copies to play and work with. The originals are kept safe and if another copy is required (from wear and tear) they will be in good order.

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I sometimes wonder how new parents will handle

by DadsPad In reply to Agreed

their children and dvds. Children will play a dvd over and over, it will be thrown around, dropped, etc. With out a backup, there will be an unhappy child when the DVD no longer works because of damage.

I agree, I do not make backups from any but originals, the backups are for use. It is too expensive to replace a DVD you like in the store.

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When kids are involved I don't know how most DVD's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I sometimes wonder how ne ...

Continue working. The times that I've looked at new DVD that kids have access to they are covered in finger prints and God only knows what else and I wonder how they actually work.

Personally I always make copies of my Original DVD's and only allow people to play the copies here which is perfectly Legal where I live. But I don't know how people who live in a more restricted place where Laws don't allow this get along.


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I guess they must keep buying DVD's :)

by DadsPad In reply to When kids are involved I ...

If they do not have knowledge of how to copy DVD's then what choice do they have? Renting?

Come to think of it, most kids will know how or know someone that could do the copies.

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Try this provided that you are not violating any Local Laws

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I save a dvd?

It will copy a DVD to a HDD and is Vista Compatible.


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