Can i save my pictures,music,doc. ect....

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i need to do a compaq system recovery windows xp home edition. will i lose all my ect.. if i do this recovery? if i can save them some why , how ? what does the system recovery do exactly? thank you, greenville,ms

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Depends how many partitions exist ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can i save my pictures,mu ...

If the system has a c: & d: partition system, the chances are that the System Recovery will destroy the c: partition only, leaving the d: partition intact.

When you invoke System Recovery you are usually presented with a 'Warning Page', which will tell you what will happen. My recovery page tells me that partition c: will be completely reformatted and returned to factory state, but partition d: will be left untouched.

After the first time that I was called upon to invoke System Recovery, I chose from that point on to re-path my 'Documents & Settings' directory to my d: partition, thereby preventing the loss of letters, pictures, etc whenever any future System Recovery was invoked.

If you only have a c: partition, I'm afraid you will lose everything.


What state is the hard drive in at the moment that makes you feel System Recovery is necessary?
If you can boot to this drive, and have a second partition (d:) you could transfer your valuable files to this partition before invoking the recovery process.

Please note:
Any programs on the second d: partition, that rely on Registry entries to operate properly, will have to be re-installed after the Recovery process because the Registry that they rely on will no longer exist.

In this case you can delete these programs to make space for your valuable files, because these programs would no longer work anyway.

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