Can I separate a full address with commas in one cell with commas?

By bmortlakes ·
I am working with a large excel list of addresses. The addresses are the format below in one cell
'123 new street, Finchley, London, N1 4DX'
Can I reformat these to be on different rows but in the same cell? For example
123 New Street
N1 4DX

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Can I separate a full add ...

alt + enter after each section typed

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Use Search/Replace

by GazSkeltz In reply to Can I separate a full add ...

Hi, although the above will work, it needs typing. If you have a whole list of addresses, this will be tedious. Instead, try the following.

1. Select all the cells you want to convert.
2. Edit/Replace
3.In the Find What box, type a comma and a space.
4. In the Replace with box hold down the alt key and type 010 (you won't see anything there...)
5. Hit replace all.

Hope this helps


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