can I set up and use two descrete wireless networks?

By wscottc ·
I have a MIFI2200 Verizon for an internet and connect to it wirelessly with a Linksys wmp110 for an internet. I also have a wireless network linking my other computers printers and game consoles. I cant seem to run both wireless networks on the same computer simultaneously. It seems that I should be able to adjust the IP address or the subnet masks or radio channels to avoid conflict. I cant seem to figure this out though. Is there a direction I should start looking to accomplish this? I am running all Linksys hardware except the Verizon MIFI 2200. The os on all my computers is Windows XP pro SP3.

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I'm not sure I'm seeing the two networks here.

by seanferd In reply to can I set up and use two ...

Could you be more explicit as to how there are two separate networks?

Something like:

Verizon - Linksys - some computer


Some other access point - other computers/devices?

Does the other AP connect also to the Verizon device?

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OK, I've just seen your other post.

by seanferd In reply to can I set up and use two ...

The question is, why do it this way?

Network everything through one router which connects to the Verizon device. If it is a question of distance and signal strength, just turn the other wireless router into a plain AP/repeater/extender (passthrough mode).

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the verizon device...

by wscottc In reply to OK, I've just seen your o ...

I thought of that but it only has one of the tiny usb connections on the side for both recharging and initializing the computers that it will run on. The Verizon can not stand as a router for a printer or any thing but another computer. I cant find a Linksys router that has a usb port. I don't believe that it can be made to be a router for a network with other than computers. I believe that it's primary intention is for laptop mobility internet access with out much thought given to actual network integration with other existing networks wireless or otherwise.

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A router should handle any device.

by seanferd In reply to the verizon device...

And if it is wireless, it should connect to the Verizon device wirelessly.

What is the model and revision of the router?

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by wscottc In reply to A router should handle an ...

The router is a Linksys wrt54g.

Thank you

Scott C

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wireless adapter

by timwalsh In reply to can I set up and use two ...

There are 2 basic problems here:
1. Verizon sells the device as a "mobile hotspot." It is not designed to act as a router. It merely takes an connection from a WiFi device and passes it to the Internet. It doesn't allow communications between connected devices. If you think about all the other public WiFi hotspots you may have connected to, none of these hotspots allow access to other computers that are also accessing the hotpsot.
2. Think of your wireless adapter as a radio (that's exactly what it is). The radio in your car can't tune to two different frequencies at the same time, and neither can your wireless adapter.

You have two possible similar choices that MAY work:
1. Connect to the Verizon device via USB cable, and use your wireless adapter to connect to your home network.
2. Connect to your home network using a wired connection and use your wireless adapter to connect to the Verizon device.
3. A third option that MAY work would be to install a second wireless adapter in your PC, and configure the 2 adapters for different networks. I've never tried this personally, so can't guarantee it would work.

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WIFI Thanks

by wscottc In reply to wireless adapter

Thank you. Yes this is exactly my problem. I have a WIFI hotspot not a router with the verizon. I have a lot to learn about the nomenclature. Thank you.

The first answer is certainly the simplest and likely the most effective. But I have other computers that I would like to allow to access the internet at the same time... and while the MIFI is connected using the USB cable it disables the wireless aspect of the MIFI... but I imagine that that solution will work just fine.

Could the hotspot's internet connection be shared? I seem to recall that an internet connection on one computer can be shared to the others on the network.

I need the home network to be wireless. It is spread out ALL over the house... unless this computer's connection to the wireless home network/router can be wired and the rest of the network remain wireless. But I really would prefer all computers to be wirelessly associated with the home network, there are too many wires as it is.

As I understand it the two wireless NIC solution cant work. When one is activated the other is deactivated. That seems sort of crumby. I believe I have used several wired NICs at the same time in the past (distant past which explains why the memory isn't clear)

Thank you

Scott C

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Internet Connection Sharing

by timwalsh In reply to WIFI Thanks

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is a feature of most recent Windows operating systems. Implementation/configuration can vary from OS to OS so I can't give you a step-by-step. Clicking on Help in your Start menu and searching on "ICS" or "Internet Connection Sharing" should get you help files for your particular OS. NOTE: Reliability of ICS has varied form OS to OS, with the newer OS being more reliable.

You are essentially sharing the network connection that goes to the Internet. The computer providing ICS becomes your router for all intents and purposes. You may end up with a couple of choices on how to physically implement this (or not).

If connecting to the Verizon device using the USB cable creates an identifiable network connection in your list of available connections, you can share this and use your wireless adapter to connect to the rest of your network. The rest of the network would use the wireless adapter to access the Internet connection provided by the Verizon device.

If using the USB cable doesn't create an identifiable conection, you will need to connect to the Verizon device using your wireless adapter. This would become the connection you would share with the rest of the network. At this point you would need to create a wired connection to your wireless router for this one computer.

The key is that you must have an identifiable connection out to the Internet in order to share the connection.

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by wscottc In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

Thank you very much for the new direction.

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RE: "both wireless networks on the same computer simultaneously"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to can I set up and use two ...

Don't quite understand that statement.


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