Can I slave windows ME hd onto XP?

By rita1barrios ·
My 92-years-young dad's HP windows ME hd failed when he tried to download a program larger than his hd capacity. Now, he says his computer will not boot. How can recover years of family photos for him? Can I slave his HP ME hd onto a computer I built that has XP home ed. on it?

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No reason why not ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can I slave windows ME hd ...

As long as you have the internal/external means of connection, XP will be able to read from a Windows ME hard drive.

Good luck. :)

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Well a couple of things here

by OH Smeg In reply to Can I slave windows ME hd ...

Firstly it's a very bad idea to list your E-Mail address on a Public Web Site as you'll get hit with a lot of Spam. So I suggest that you come back and edit your Question at the first opportunity.

In answer to your Question yes you can Slave the HDD to your XP Computer but I would really recommend that you buy a USB Caddy something like this one

To fit the HDD to as it saves you opening the case and changing Jumpers on the Drive. Fitting it to a USB Enclosure allows you more flexibility and in a case like this no need to change anything.

Just a note of caution here for limited use a Plastic USB Caddy is Perfectly OK but if you plan on using this caddy on a long term basis I would really suggest buying a Metal Enclosure as these allow the HDD to run cooler and do lock up the heat generated by the HDD like the plastic ones do.

All that is required here is to insert the HDD into the Enclosure and then plug it into the I+USB Port and the Mains Adapter then open My Computer then the USB Drive and finally the My Documents Folder and you can copy all the data from within here.

Your father should have some Backup Plan in place which allows him to have the computer die completely and still retain the photos and his other data perhaps something as simple as a HDD fitted to a USB Caddy and then all he needs do is copy the files as Plain Files to the Backup Drive so that they are easily got when needed. Just provided that he doesn't run the drive all the time and only use it when it's needed to copy Data to it will outlast both of you if it is treated correctly and there will be no issues in being able to read the Data like there would be if it was Backed Up through some Software or otherwise Encrypted. If you Secure the Data in any way the possibility always is that it will be impossible to read it in a useful form when it is required or as Technology changes that medium may be no longer supported.


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Additional Comment

by willcomp In reply to Can I slave windows ME hd ...

Remove some of the unnecessary files to clear space while drive is slaved to another PC. It should then boot. A full HDD will lock up.

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yes this is possible

by vjss21 In reply to Can I slave windows ME hd ...

ya this is possible you install windows xp on one drive like c drive and win ME on other drive

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