Can I transfer a boot drive?

By Tink! ·
From one HP Pavilion to another HP Pavilion (different models) without having to reinstall the OS (with recovery CDs?)

The receiving HP pavilion does NOT have a working boot drive.

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by robo_dev In reply to Can I transfer a boot dri ...

The issue is the disk controller hardware. if it's exactly the same on both PCs, then no problem.

If it's a tiny bit different then Windows will BSOD when it boots, every time.

There is a 'trick'. Boot the hard drive in the old machine and switch the disk controller drivers to the generic microsoft drivers, instead of the Intel (or whatever) chipset drivers. See link below for that procedure:

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Ok small problem with that

by Tink! In reply to Maybe

The boot drive in the old machine cannot be booted IN the OLD machine because the motherboard is dead.

Also, another hiccup is the fact that the boot drive is SATA and the receiving HP is all IDE. Now I did find this gadget on NewEgg that might work to allow the IDE machine to read the SATA drive, but will it Boot on first install without having to wipe and redo the OS?

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If the two HDDs are differernt interfaces

by robo_dev In reply to Ok small problem with tha ...

You might, if your life depended on it, maybe get it to work after ten hours of work, but otherwise, no. And would it be stable and trustworthy? Probably not.

Being able to read the drive is easy with an interface convertor or external USB drive enclosure, and it is useful because you can transfer your data easily.

But, when Windows boots, it depends on the hardware extraction layer (HAL) that is created when the OS is installed. You can work around everything else, but not the HDD controller drivers.

I recommend buying an external USB enclosure for your old drive.

Get the SATA-IDE adapter, reinstall the OS on your new HDD and you're all set.

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Your best chance would be what robo_dev said, but

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Can I transfer a boot dri ...

I suspect you're not going to be able to do that because of your previous question about motherboards....

That's where what I was saying in the other question about booting to safe mode on the first boot might be will just load the bare essentials....then maybe you can go to device manage & disable a bunh of things & then boot normally....then turn them on one at a time & try to get the proper drivers.

Or even delete them in device manager while in safe mode & let windows detect them after a reboot.

It just might work for you....I've never tried it though.

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Yes Darryl

by Tink! In reply to Your best chance would be ...

what you say is probably what I'll need to try. There is one other thing I need to mention though (and I explained it in my reply to robo_dev but here it is for you too):

the boot drive is SATA and the receiving machine is IDE. I found a gadget on NewEgg that will probably allow the IDE machine to read the SATA drive. The question is, will it read upon first boot (using your method)?

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I never seen one of those before....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Yes Darryl

kinda a neat looking thing....I couldn't see if it had any jumper settings on it but I would think that if it was the only IDE device connected (ie. disconnectthe CD/DVD until you get it working) it should detect it...check the BIOS settings in the receiving computer to make sure the first boot device is the IDE controller.

Seems like it should work to me ????

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Sorry, but this just will not work

by robo_dev In reply to I never seen one of those ...

If you were able to clone the hard drive from the old PATA to the new SATA drive using Clonezilla or Ghost, there is still a huge problem.

Windows was installed with the HDD drivers for the original PATA controller (Probably Intel or ATI).

Remember that the OP stated that the new drive is going into a DIFFERENT MODEL of HP computer (therefore very likely different IDE controller on system).

Now when you plug the new SATA drive into the new motherboard, you've most likely got the wrong IDE drivers installed in the Windows kernel.

Wrong IDE drivers = BSOD on bootup.

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ya know, I read all these clone questions

by CG IT In reply to Sorry, but this just will ...

and think, someone is cloning peoples computers instead of stealing them and can't figure out why the computer won't boot up with the cloned drive.

Consumers are lazy so, if you steal their computer or laptop, to get their their passwords, banking info, etc on them, they will change everything so what's the point. But if you clone em, Who's the wiser?

install the cloned drive on a computer and volia! you've got all the info, passwords and any other data the original computer and no one knows.

Call me pessimistic, but this senario seems like what those posters are asking about clone drives. I mean if your an IT Pro, you know about cloning, HALs, boot process etc so what's the point in asking a question one already knows about?

you can take a drive from another computer and get data off using adapters etc, but, booting to Windows is another story. Unless there's identical hardware, Windows won't boot from a clone...

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One Possibility...

by dawgit In reply to Can I transfer a boot dri ...

Since both computers are HP, the Hardware set up is similar, (but not the hardware itself) and the OS is the same (? XP ?) there is one possible way.
After the Hard Drive is installed in the gaining computer, and everything is set. Boot with the original set-up CD that came with that computer. Since the CD (OS) will 'see' and detect an installed OS, you <i>should</i> see a number of options. There should be a 'Repair' option as well as Install. That <i>might</i> work for you. If not of course you can always do a re-install. (I know it's not your first choice, but...)

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ooh, & one more...

by dawgit In reply to One Possibility...

That is if you... (I hope you did)
Did you maybe make a set of those 6 (actually 7) Boot Flopys for that computer?
Those have to be made through a special MS program for XP, in case you didn't know. I can fetch the link for you, but it's on the MS download site. FYI
Anyway, those Flopys will rebuild the Boot Sector and 'repair' the necessary drivers to boot that computer. Use them (if you have them, I hope you do) and all your problems are gone. :) (I hope)

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