Can I undo an XP repair install

By stash30nh ·
Is it possible to undo a repair install on XP once its started. It never finished. I get to about 15 minutes on the setup, and it reboots and starts all over at 39 minutes.

Or, does anyone have any suggestions for fixing the problem with the setup.

Much thanks!

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Are you getting any failure message?

by seanferd In reply to Can I undo an XP repair i ...

Are you using a recovery partition, or CD?

If a CD, are you using the OEM CD that came with the system?

Is this you?

If you have changed hardware, and are using an OEM CD, you will need to have the drivers for your new hardware ready to install at the beginning when it prompts you.

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Also remember....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can I undo an XP repair i ...

... during install, at about 39 minutes if I remember correctly, Windows will reboot. If the CD is still in the drive, it's entirely possible you're either pressing a key to make it boot to the CD, or it's automatically rebooting to the CD without you touching the keyboard to make it do so.

Have you tried opening the CD drive door and removing the CD when it begins this reboot, just to make sure it's rebooting into the repaired OS and not to the CD?

To answer your question, no... it is not possible to undo a repair install. You can wipe the hard drive and start all over though, loosing all documents and pictures in the process. Best get the repair install to finish first.

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Missing the notification?

by seanferd In reply to Also remember....

Usually, there is a notification to remove anything from the optical drive. Perhaps we've missed the notification?

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Could be....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Missing the notification?

... but then, maybe not. Who knows!

The last full install I saw didn't notify to remove the CD... it just said it was going to reboot. With newer systems, usually there's a notice after reboot to 'press any key to boot to CD'. If you leave it alone, it boots into the repair and finishes.

However, I remember systems that never asked that question on boot. If there was a CD in the drive, it just booted to it without asking which caused endless loops if you didn't know enough to pull the CD out of the drive.

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