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Can I upgrade to Athlon XP

By nobby4949 ·
I have a PC with an AMD Athlon A 1.3GHz processor on an ASUS motherboard with the AMD Irongate4 Chipset. I would like to upgrade but am not sure whether my motherboard can handle an Athlon XP+ with the current architecture. If yes, what is the max speed, if no can I go up to the Athlon A 1.4GHz (266FSB) or will I have to just change my motherboard completely.

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by jschein In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...

You will have to goto ASUS website and look up your motherboard model# ...

You may just have to do a bios update and it may let you use a higher processor, either way, the website will tell you what your board can and cannot do.

If it will not, goto ... extremely cheap prices for replacement motherboards.

Good luck

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by dmiles In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...

The motherboard model would be the key to providing info on the upgrade,get your motherboard model number,then go to Asus web site and check the manual to see what upgrade options are available.
Sorry could not help more

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by OTL In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...

Since you know that much about the motherboard, you built the computer, Look at the documentation that came with the motherboard and see if it supports 1.4GHZ and a 266 FSB.

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by Mark In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...

You didn't provide the mainboard model number, so I can't lookup the answer for you. With this information, goto and get the latest bios update. The site will also have information on what the board will support with the latest bios.

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by fred07 In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...


all above are correct and

Jumping up 1mg in processor speed will amount to no noticable difference and is not very cost effective.

If you wish to upgrade, do a MB+CPU+RAM in DDR and then it would be worthwhile.

How fast is FAST??

1.2gig Duron with 512mb Pc100. running win98se with 1mb DSL.


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by wlbowers In reply to Can I upgrade to Athlon X ...

Don't guess. Go to Asus and they will tell you what is Jake for your motherboard.

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