Can I upgrade ZD8000 cpu processor

By shawnostler ·
My laptop a ZD8000 has a p4 2.8 processor in it but it overheats and isn't running as well as it used to and I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor to a dual core or better one.


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What motherboard do you have?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Can I upgrade ZD8000 cpu ...

Do you know the motherboard? That will determine if you can upgrade or not. Anyway, if your heat issue is not related to the cpu, an upgrade will not resolve your problem. Also, as you go up in ghz your heat goes up. So, you may continue to have problems.

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Most laptop motherboards

by JamesRL In reply to Can I upgrade ZD8000 cpu ...

Are not designed to be upgradable. One quick way to tell is to go into your BIOS and see if there is a way to change the BIOS to accomodate a different processor.

Even if you can change the CPU its unlikely that your older laptop will be able to accomodate a new dual core - the chipsets need to change as well as the CPU for that, and most of those chips are soldered.

If it overheats, you might try taking it apart and cleaning the dust off the board (dust acts as an insulator) as well as insuring the fan(s) are working and dust free. I've had video card issues resolved that way in the past.

You can also look at adding RAM, uninstalling unneeded programs, defragging the HD. I would suggets the radical solution - format the drive and reinstall.


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Your answer is most likely no

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I upgrade ZD8000 cpu ...

Unless you had the option of a Dual Core CPU when you bought this particular NB then maybe.

However as the Dual Core Sockets are different as well as the Chip Sets on the M'Board I would tend to say that while you may be able to install a faster CPU of the same type you can not install a different type CPU.

If the unit is running hot you need to clean it out so that all the dust that has been sucked up is no longer preventing the unit from staying cool the way that it was designed to. You can also add a NB Cooler to cut down the amount of heat that gets built up and these help to keep the NB clean and dust free. Of course if you are sitting this unit on a table with a soft covering you need something in between the covering and NB to prevent the covering getting picked up by the fans and blocking the air Intakes for the cooling of the unit, so either a NB Cooler or some type of stand is required.


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