Can I use 1000-baseT GBIC on Cisco Catalyst 3524XL switch??

By robo_dev ·
Just bought one of these Cisco 3524XL switches for $26 on ebay, now looking to pick up some GBICs for it.

The docs for the unit mention the fiber SX or LX GBIC modules, as well as the GigaStack gbics.

Would one of the newer WS-5483 GBICs work, or am I stuck with fiber?

So in other words, is a GBIC just a GBIC?

And, by the way, are these 'Cisco Compatible' GBICs any good?

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humm if your not doing fibre go with the ethernet GBIC

by CG IT In reply to Can I use 1000-baseT GBIC ...

I believe the Gigabit ethernet GBICs will work on this as well as the Gigastack GBIC for uplinking.

Don't know the exact part number for the GBICs that will work.

Ah found this one: WS-X3500-XL

What IOS? 12.5?

Here's the Cisco page which lists supported GBICs**86a008007e7cd.html

These are the supported GBICs

?1000BaseSX module

?1000BaseLX/LH module

?GigaStack GBIC module

They are NOT inexpensive

the WS3500XL is about $200.00 USD give or take $20.00 on either side.

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I know it's version 12-something..... :)

by robo_dev In reply to humm if your not doing f ...

will find out when it gets here.

On eBay it looks like a 'compatible' (clone) 1000 baseT gbic goes for around $40 each, while genuine Cisco gbics go for $50-80 ea.

Thanks for your help. v/ v/

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