Can I Use a 2-Wire Wireless DSL Router without the DSL

By rkorb ·
I'm switching over to Cable Modem from DSL because it's 4x faster and less money (just a bit less, but the speed makes it worth it...)

The 2-WIRE DSL modem is mine to keep as I've had it for a couple years so I'm wondering if I can use it to extend my wireless network (as an access point). I have a Netgear WGT624 V2 wireless router connected to my cable modem in a distant back room (where the cable comes in). The netgear is running DHCP services and properly routing.

So as an experiment I shut off DHCP services on the 2-Wire modem and set up the LAN's to be on the same 192.168.1.x network. I figured if I leave the wireless active, run the 2-Wire on the same network as the Netgear and run DHCP on the netgear that I could connect wirelessly to the 2-Wire and the DHCP requests would be fullfilled by the Netgear router. and guess worked!.. that is until I unplugged the phone line from the 2-Wire DSL router.

As soon as the DSL broadband light (on the 2-Wire HomePortal 1800HG) went red the wireless connection and hub stopped functioning even though the LAN light was still green. So here's the question:: Is there a way to disable the broadband/WAN on this 2Wire HomePortal 1800HG, but keep the WIRELESS and LAN services active so that I can continue to use the modem to extend my little wireless network after I shut down the DSL service?? Ideas and comments are much appreciated. - THX

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I'm wondering if it's possible

by theessentialred In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

I'm also trying to find out if this is possible. I've just switched from AT&T DSL to RoadRunner.

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I did it! It is possible!

by theessentialred In reply to I'm wondering if it's pos ...

Well, I did a lot of research even on a 2Wire Forum and found nothing that could help, but after some troubleshooting, I was able to somehow bypass the 2Wire settings, and only use its Wireless.

You see, I have the following:
a Motorola SurfBoard SB4200 and a 2Wire HomePortal 1000HW.

I've recently unsubscribed from AT&T's DSL and subscribed to RoadRunner's Cable Internet. In this process, I've purchased and await the delivery of a Netgear WGT624 Wireless Super-G router.

Since I support 3 computers that were previously connected via Wireless to my 2Wire HomePortal 1000HW, I needed to do something about it. What I did is the following:

1. Connect the 2Wire HomePortal 1000HW to the Motorola SurfBoard SB4200 using an Ethernet cable. (The 2Wire must not be connected to the AC Power Adapter).

2. Disable the Wireless Zero Configuration through Services.msc in Windows XP Professional.

3. Connect AC Power Adapter to 2Wire.

4. Turn on Wireless Zero Configuration.

5. Right-click on Wireless Network Connection icon in System Tray and select "View Available Wireless Networks".

6. Select 2WireXXX and click "Connect".

7. If prompted, enter Network Key.

8. Upon connecting to device, right-click on Wireless Area Connection icon and select "Repair".

These steps pretty much did it. I am unable to access the 2Wire's system settings by typing in the URL bar of my browser:

Now be advised, this may or may not work with certain 2Wire DSL HomePortals. It took me well over 4 hours to figure this out.

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What a coincidence!!!!

by rapol35 In reply to I did it! It is possible!

Hey, im just trying to do kinda the same thing. Im just switching over to cable (right now i have both, got a 30 day trial). I have a DSL Home Portal 1800HG. The cable company installed yesterday my cable modem. Since I have 2 PC + 1 wireless + Xbox I'm in need of a router. I was thinking if it is possible to use the Homeportal as a router connected to the cable modem. Will your trick there work with this Homeportal?

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Hmm. Maybe But there might be a problem

by rkorb In reply to What a coincidence!!!!

Here's the snag for you: You need to define an internal gateway that redirects internal traffic through a NAT to the public Internet. The problem is that the public Internet for the PRTC 2-Wire modem is through a DSL connection. That means that the modem expects your public IP address to be assigned through the DSL side of the modem (the WAN side). But with your new cablemodem service you don't have a DSL service to assign your IP. Even if you did assign the IP address (which the ISP likely won't allow because that would make it a static address) the WAN connection is still on a DSL connection which you don't have - so I guess it's a no-go. Sorry to be the purveyor of bad news.. My situation is a little different. I had a netgear wireless router sitting around that was available to use. It's WAN connection is ethernet not DSL. The OneLink Motorola (cheapie) modem (which works fine) can connect with either ethernet or USB. I set the Netgear router WAN link to obtain the IP address automatically, which it does through the modem and Onelinks servers. The NAT is turned on so it routes traffic fine. It also has a wireless side so I use it as an access point at one side of my apartment. The difference is I'm not using the 2-Wire modem as a router. Only for it's wireless capability. I'm not even using it's DHCP services which I have shut off. When a wireless device connects to it the DHCP request is passed through to the netgear router where I am running DHCP. So the 2-Wire Modem is only functioning as a wireless connection point and a hub essentially.. and really that's all I needed. The extra wireless access point gives me the coverage I need in the apartment and the hub allows me to connect a few things directly to it. BTW the hub is also how it's connected to the netgear router through some cabling I did in my apt.. So I think you could pick up a cheap router (doesn't have to be wireless) and do what I did. (I taped over the annoying DSL light which is always red cuz it can't connect to the telco) BTW CompUSA in PR is really overpriced.. You might check Sams or Costco for a router, or got to Buena Suerte!

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What about my SpeedStream 6520?

by marilynharlow In reply to Hmm. Maybe But there migh ...

I have a SpeedStream 6520 wireless ADSL gateway and I'm switching to internet through Mediacom cable. I used my wireless router hardwired to two computers in the same room and wirelessly to two other computers in the house. Does anyone know anything about this particular router that could help me?

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THANKS RKORB. Please more help?

by rapol35 In reply to Hmm. Maybe But there migh ...

Yes this is unfortunate. I still have both services running since not sure about Cable vs DSL. My cable somehow for downloading is kinda slow although spped test shows faster download than the DSL. And now that I have to buy a new router...I have to check. I will probably follow ur suggestion and go to Costco. Any router hint u could share with me? I'll like one with firewall as the 2-wire unless u can give some pointers here. Alos so as you know houses are concrete one that has a good wireless range and with 4 ports. Picky picky. Well I have 3 PC's plus Xbox so need those connections. Thanks for your answer.
Btw took me too long to check your answer, work work work, not even time to check my personal emails at work. ssshhhh i shouldnt.

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great reply I got my 2wire wireless working with this

by ghztxw In reply to I did it! It is possible!


Great feedback I got it working I also changed my wireless router IP by connecting a cable to it and I was able to log into in without an issue.

Please disable DSL line selection by going to
Broadband link --> Advance settings (R)
--> click disable next to - ATM PVC Search:
--> and choose line one under - DSL Line Selection: (L)

This stops router from searching for DSL line and it stops clicking.

Hope this help others.

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DSL router - Cable connection

by akheeel In reply to great reply I got my 2wir ...

I tried the above steps and was able to access the internet via wireless, but this is limited to 1 laptop. If I access the internet simultaneously from more than one laptop I get the gateway error, can you help?

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something strange

by Xephirus In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

i wanna use my 2wire wireless network just as a network hub for my cable modem to connect my 2 computers, so what i did is connect the computers and the cable modem to the 2wire's Ethernet jacks (yes where you would normally connect all of your computers, im a noob) but it kinda worked one of the computers had fully functioning internet while the other got an error message in the browser from 2wire/sbc
(i don't have sbc) saying "DSL Failed to Connect" so i disconnected both 2wire and the cable modem while i restarted the pcs and then connected them back(so i get new ip) and the problem was reversed, now the computer that got the error in the first place works and the other one doesn't, its a simple problem for a simple task and clearly i don't have the answer so if some one can help it will bee very appreciated even if its not possible ill like to know, thanks

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Dsl router

by andrenym00378 In reply to Can I Use a 2-Wire Wirele ...

I think you absolutely can. You said you switched over to cable from <a href="">dsl</a>? Good choice!

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