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Can I use a router for DHCP with RIS?

By rjlit ·
I'm using W2k Server w/AD. When using DHCP on the server RIS worked fine. I installed a Netgear FVS318 Firewall/router and set it to provide DHCP and turned off DHCP on the server. Now when I try to use RIS, I get a message at the client computer that the DHCP server cannot be found. How can I make this work?
If I have to use the server for DHCP, how do I use the firewall? It's my understanding that the firewall provides it's protection principally by use of NAT which implies DHCP.

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by timwalsh In reply to Can I use a router for DH ...

NAT does not necessarily imply the use of DHCP

NAT merely means that the public IP address assigned to the wan side of the router is translated by the router into the private IP addresses on the LAN side.

The problem with running DHCP off the router is that it is providing DNS info relating to your ISP's network, not yours.

Turn off DHCP on the router and turn it back on on your server. DNS should be configured as follows:
1. Your server has a fixed IP address within your networks IP address range.
2. Your server is configured to point to itself for Primary DNS.
3. In DNS configuration, add your ISP's DNS server(s) in the Forwarders section.
4. Configure DHCP on your server, pointing clients to your DNS server (not the ISP's).

NAT is merely hiding your private network by making only the one Public IP address (assigned by your ISP) accessible to the outside world. This has nothing to do woth how DHCP functions. NAT would still work properly even if you assigned fixed IP addresses to all your computers.

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by rjlit In reply to Can I use a router for DH ...

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