Can I use a USB Keyboard with a PS2 adapter and the Bios's keyboard power o

By bbrandelli ·
Can I use a USB Keyboard with a PS2 adapter and the Bios's keyboard power on via the Keyboard option without issues on a ASUS P5N32-sli-prenium motherboard?

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by dawgit In reply to Can I use a USB Keyboard ...

Most USB mice over here come with the adapter to do just that. I done so with a USB optical mouse, it needed no adjustments or additional software or drivers or adjustments. I just pluged it into the computer when it was off, and when I booted again there was the mouse as totally normal.
edited to add: they both have +5 volts, but I believe the USB might have a little less current.

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Thanks dawgit...

by bbrandelli In reply to Yes

thanks dawgit but is it ok to use the Power on feature of the bios and assign keyboard keys to power on the PC with out issues ??

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Good question, slightly different.....

by dawgit In reply to Thanks dawgit...

First, Sorry I had miss-read your question, you did say 'Keyboard' and not 'Mouse'. But what I had said is the same for both, 'Generally'.
I answer to the second question, it should but, I have to say "I don't know". Here's why; It would have to depend then on the keyboard, and I can't speek for that, I haven't seen it. In therory, yes a PS-2 keyboard will do that and you'll be useing yours as one. Pleese keep in mind however, that all those 'Bells and Whistles' that your USB keyboard may have come with might not work as advertised, due to the fact that it is not going to be on the path the software (from the keyboard mfg) expects to be. I would have to say also it maybe up to the computer it's self wither it will acept that combination.
Remember that the keyboard funtions writen into the BIOS are going to be very simple, basic instructions due to the small size of the BIOS program. (it's funtion is suposed to only get the computer up and running, the rest is up to the OS)
The best answer here is try it. If it works for you, super. If not, well you'll know (for next time) -d

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