Can I use both Cable and Bluetooth Speakers at the same time?

By Sandman28 ·
Howdy Guys,

I am relatively new to bluetooth, however I today picked up a bargain on two non-brand-name bluetooth speakers (Bauhn BH900) for use with my phone and pc. Now on my pc I have a Realtek Sound card, and have been using a 2.1 Altec Lansing system through the green port on the sound card. Now after mucking around I can connect the bluetooth speakers, however when I select these - via the windows volume speaker icon in toolbar as opposed to the Realtek HD Audio Manager- the audio comes out of the bluetooth speakers but doesnt come out of the 2.1 system, and similarly vice versa. It seems that in the windows audio section where I choose either the Realtek HD Audio or Bluetooth AV/HS that I can only choose one or the other (the Realtek Audio manager only displays information about the 2.1 system and mentions nothing about bluetooth), is it possible to have both working at the same time, even better is it possible to have the bluetooth setup as the rear speakers and the 2.1 system as the front?

P.S Im running XP Pro Sp2


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Not really

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can I use both Cable and ...

The Blue Tooth and Realteck are different sound devices. The Bluetooth Sound is not processed through the Realteck Sound Device and as such you can not use one as Back Speakers with the other as Front Speakers.

The Realteck High Definition Sound requires different speakers to be plugged into the Back Port and when you do plug in speakers to the Black Port on the Realteck Sound Out you should get a Pop Up screen asking you to define what you have plugged in and program accordingly.


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