can i use internal hdd as pendrive?

By vasudevpardeep ·
I have 160 gb hdd which earlier i was using in my pc can i use at as pen drive.If i can use it then tell me how??
Plzzz reply me

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You can fit it to a USB Enclosure

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to can i use internal hdd as ...

And use it as an External Drive if you wish.

However you shouldn't leave these things running 100% of the time and you do need to Dismountut them with the Safely Remove option on the Task Bar.

If you want to use their capacity to act as RAM However to speed up the system no you can not do that.

Depending on what type of drive you have either IDE or SATA you will need a suitable HDD Enclosure.

If you want to use this for long periods of time you need an Actively Cooled Enclosure like the one from Antec here


The MX1 only takes SATA Drives so if you have a IDE or PATA Drive you'll need a different type of enclosure and you'll need either a 3.5 inch or a 2.5 Inch Drive Enclosure if it's a Desktop or NB Drive. The Desktop Drive is a different size to the NB and runs on 12 V DC not the 5 V DC that a NB Drive runs on. Naturally the bigger drive size suits Desktop Systems and is the size of the Platters inside the drive.

So if you have a Desktop IDE Drive you need a 3.5 Inch Enclosure that comes with it's own Power Supply and if you have a Notebook HDD you'll need a 2.5 Inch Enclosure which may or may not have a Power Supply.

If you have a SATA Drive however the Interfaces for the Desktop and NB Drives are the same so you can use the one case for that drive type.


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