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Can I use Linux to run Retrospect backup?

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I need to find out if it would be a good idea to use Linux to run my Retrospect backup software. At the moment I am decommissioning some of my Windows servers and after this process is finished I will have one DC, one Exchange server, a Xserve with attached storage drives and 2 NAS devices. Of the NAS devices one of them is an old Iomega 400r NAS which is just sitting in my server room as it was replaced by the new NAS. I opened up the Iomega to have a look at what expansion slots it has, as I will need to move my SCSI card for the tape drive. I saw that the NAS has one PCI 32bit slot which should be able to take the SCSI card if it fits (physical space might be an issue in the server).

If the card does fit in the server, would it be advisable, bearing in mind that I have only played around with Linux (Ubuntu) at a very very basic level, but I do pick things up quickly, to run my Retrospect backup from the server with Linux installed. I have had a look at the installation files for Retrospect and there is a Red Hat and Solaris install file, (

The reason for wanting to try Linux really, is costing. I have to move my backup software by the end of October and if the Linux route is not an option then I will have to move it to my DC, which I'm not to keen on.

Also if I can go the Linux route, which would be the better Linux package to go for? As I stated above, I see that Retrospect does have Red Hat and Solairs install files so the package can run on Linux, and the fact that I need to backup my Mac environment as well as my Windows environment to tape, I'm not sure if I should try the Linux route, or just suck it up and move my backup software to my DC and keep running as is?

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Not on Linux, but Win XP or 7 is doable...

by ericullman In reply to Can I use Linux to run Re ...

Hi ndveitch,

Today, the Retrospect server app must run on Windows or Mac OS. Only the network client component runs under Linux and Solaris. To back up an Exchange Server, the Retrospect server must run on Windows.

Even if Retrospect could run on the 400d, there just isn't enough processing power and RAM present in that box (P4, 1 GB RAM) to acceptably handle backups.

One thing to consider, however, is that the Retrospect server app doesn't require a Windows Server???you can run it on an XP or Win 7 machine just fine. So you can decommission a Windows Server dedicated to backups and replace it with a less expensive option.

Feel free to give me a holler if you have other questions.

Eric Ullman
Director, Product Management, Roxio Backup Products
Rovi Corporation

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Thank-you so much for the response

by ndveitch In reply to Can I use Linux to run Re ...

Hi Eric,

Thank-you so much for your reply :) I will look at putting Retrospect onto a spare XP box I have in the office. Thanx again for the info :) I knew coming to TR would save me a lot of headaches.

Kind Regards

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