Can I use my 3620 Cisco router behind a linksys WRT54G router?

By tronitcorp ·
I have a Cisco 3620 using the two fastethernet inteface(s) trying to set up a NAT config behind my linksys WRT54G router that has a IP of Can I set it up to reach the internet?

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by NetMan1958 In reply to Can I use my 3620 Cisco r ...

If your Linksys router has a LAN IP of, then it is already performing NAT (either it or another device upstream) so you don't need NAT on your 3620.

Connect one of the 3620's ports to the LAN interface of the Linksys (turn off DHCP server on the Linksys if it is enabled) and assign an IP Address to that interface on the 3620 in the subnet; i.e.

On the 3620's other interface, assign an IP Address in a different subnet; i.e. Either config the 3620's DHCP server to hand out IP's in the subnet or assign static IP's in that range to the clients.

And configure a default route on the 3620 to point to the Linksys; i.e.
"ip route"

Alternatively, you could just replace the Linksys with the 3620 and have it do everything.

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Thanks for the info, I will try it and post outcome...

by tronitcorp In reply to NAT

ok will make changes...

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I don't get it

by CG IT In reply to Can I use my 3620 Cisco r ...

why are you using a very expensive enterprise class Cisco product with a crappy inexpensive consumer level [Cisco] product?

If it's solely to have wireless connectivity, get an Access Point and forget trying to get 2 layer 3 devices, one enterprise level and one consumer level to work with each other.

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I know, just wanted to try it...

by tronitcorp In reply to I don't get it

After giving it a try, will use the 3620 only with my 2950 switch...still learning to config them both...thanks I know I will still need help time to time...

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