Can i use the same Firewall in a VPN connection between to sites?

By alexk2011 ·
I have a VPN Connectivity between Office 1 and office 2. Each office has separate internet connection.

Office 1 IP Address mask is zyxel router ( domain)

Office 2 IP address starts from subnet mask is zyxel router ( workgroup)
I also have a firewall in office 2 which protect and control users for office 2.
Is it possible users from office 1 to use internet access throw the firewall from office 2 so i can control their access to the internet ? What changes i have to make to the addressing or what to configure to succeed?

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Where is the VPN terminated?

by robo_dev In reply to Can i use the same Firewa ...

If the VPN device used is the router, then, in theory, you could create static routes in the router, and in the client to allow Internet traffic to go through a proxy.

Off the top of my head, this is a complex routing issue, since the default gateway for the clients in office 2 is on a different subnet, therefore the VPN device would need to do NAT as well as static routes in each direction.

From a practical standpoint, this quadruples the amount of traffic over the WAN link of your office 1 router, since you have both the VPN traffic of each user at site 2 AND their Internet traffic, which must then pass back through their VPN connection (all on the same interface).

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