Can I use WIN-7 with a PhotoSmart S-20 scanner?

By PatrickJ7 ·
As best that I can find, HP does not intend to issue a revision so as to allow an S-20 scanner to operate with WIN-7. Has anyone developed an "emulation-type" of software, revision or patch to allow such useage?

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Couple of options.

You can try running the software in compatibility mode or better, doing a clean install of the older windows drivers using compatibility mode (i.e. the OS will act like it is XP). Or you can try the Vuescan software from Ed Hamrick I've never tried it myself, but I've read good things about it. Here is a link to using compatibility mode.

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Vuescan is your only real option here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can I use WIN-7 with a Ph ...

I've used it on a NB with 7 once in the past and the user a Surgeon has not had any issues with the new Software other than needing to remember that there is now a different way he is required to Scan in Images.

If you insist on attempting to make this work your only other option is to either learn how to code or employ some Software Engineer to write new Drivers to work with 7 and this device.

It's considerably cheaper to buy a new scanner though.


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