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    Can iPod/iPhone/iPad apps run on a PC?


    by albizy ·

    Can a program be developed to run iPod/iPhone/iPad apps on a PC? Or can a like application be developed for PCs that would stir the community to develop such apps for PC use. The developer could reap the benefit of the fees as Apple does.

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      by albizy ·

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      Simple answer is

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Can iPod/iPhone/iPad apps run on a PC?

      No they can not. 😉


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        the complicated answer is

        by .martin. ·

        In reply to Simple answer is

        maybe, most likely no.

        Apple have a large Legal department that would dispose of any emulators.

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          Not a stopper.

          by albizy ·

          In reply to the complicated answer is

          Microsoft is bigger and they have been beaten in court. Why should Apple be able to create a monopoly on the concept. Actually there are other platforms that use this technique now. It should be able to be programmed to run on a PC if someone wants to get terribly rich. Apple gets a cut of all the fees charged.

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          Well look at things this way

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Not a stopper.

          Apple has 1 X iPhone which is locked into both Hardware supplied by Apple and Software Approved by Apple.

          PC’s on the other hand have Millions of different Hardware integrations and what works on one is unlikely to work on another.

          Apple make the base Code available to the Developers so that they can make use of the Apple OS in use. M$ Does not and will actively go to Literation if people try to make this available.

          That is just the start of the problem and any money that you may make from a Killer App that you would have to Copyright and Patent would then be consumed by the legals in both proving that this is an [b]Original Concept[/b] and that it in no way resembles any others code.

          Hardly possible and by the time that this was eventually proved or disproved the app would no longer be useful. 😉


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          The even more complicated answer is

          by charvell ·

          In reply to the complicated answer is

          Technically if you develop the code on your own, without using any source code from Apple, then legal precedence shows that if you develop code independently, even if it accomplishes the same thing, you are not in violation of copyrights. Copyright is on the actual source code (and to some extend layout and graphic design features) only, not the concept of some application (otherwise there would only be 1 social networking site, 1 set of office and email applications, 1 server operating system, etc). But you cannot legally take an iWhatever app and make it work on a PC without Apple’s written consent (which would most likely entail paying royalties).

          Practically speaking, a lot of the iPhone apps that aren’t already available (in some capacity) on a PC rely on some sort of motion sensing/tumble sensing thing-a-ma-jig (can you tell i don’t know much about phones?) to know when it is being shaken or turned etc. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t usually pick up my PC and shake it or rotate it.

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          And now for something completely different

          by mafergus ·

          In reply to the complicated answer is

          Some I-phone/touch/pad apps already exist in other forms on multiple platforms. The accelerometer technogoly has been around in one form or another for over thirty years. The real question is should we try to make our office environment match that interface? there is often times competing interests between home and office and sometimes they meet and sometimes they don’t!

          But I guess it is easier then determining the airspeed of two unidentified swallows.

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          by albizy ·

          In reply to And now for something completely different

          Thanks for the dialog. I am now convinced that it can be done, we just need a developer big enough to compete. Forget the shaking, there are so many apps that don’t need it. I read an article that predicted the eventual demise of the PC as we know it because of the iApps technology. “We can adopt it or die.” NOW, who is going to take up the challenge?

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      Can iPod/iPhone/iPad apps run on a PC?

      by jjeelsencarter ·

      In reply to Can iPod/iPhone/iPad apps run on a PC?

      Maybe the new wave of touch screen PCs* could be programmed to be within an ‘iPad’ environment. It just needs some developers to come up with the appropriate programming…. After all, the future has not been written yet…….

      This would be the perfect opportunity for Apple to develop a touchscreen PC (laptop and/or desktop) with iPad apps capabilities…..

      (*examples: Acer Z5700 23 Touchscreen PC, Sony VAIO VPCL13M1E/S 24 Touchscreen all-in-one PC, HP TouchSmart 300-1230uk Desktop PC (WX105EA), etc.)

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      missing the point

      by sbot22 ·

      In reply to Can iPod/iPhone/iPad apps run on a PC?

      the point is this… i have a BS app on my phone and i’m forced to poke around on the tiny screen when i have a perfectly good computer at my desk with a 20″ screen.
      evernote has pc software that integrates with the phone app. that’s what every app needs. if you’re being forced to use a tiny phone when you have access to a pc then you’re missing the point of technology in the first place. phone apps are ‘cute’ but i need things to actually work.
      they should all open on your pc screen and be able to be used with a mouse etc… apps are gimmicks not tools.

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