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Can IT support companies deny network credential information?

By Yamezbond ·
I have a friend that recently get a job on a charity organization, and as things getting bad for her on the monetary part she has not paying the support company that was hired by the old CEO. I believe she owns them around 3 to 4 months, the problem now is that she hasn't got information on the technology part from the old CEO at all, like network diagrams, active directory administrator password, firewall credentials, even she has not administrator rights on her own AD account.
The company has not respond to her emails at all, asking them for credentials and information on the network so I can help her as a volunteer. Wonder how she can confront the IT company and if they can hold that information from her legally till they get paid for the months behind? or are there some legal rules that she may need to know to fight back and get all the information she needs?
Any advise will be great :)


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Depends on their contract

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can IT support companies ...

Generally speaking some sort of Agreement was signed to get them to do the work so depending on what is in that you have to work from there.


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by Yamezbond In reply to Can IT support companies ...

There is no documentation on any agreement that we can found to work with them, and as I mention before they have not respond any emails from my friend.
Today we got the main Xenserver down, it was shut off and the boot options was change to boot from CD, so no OS can load at all. I change the boot options but seems that the Xenserver cannot start. Xenserver was hosting the AD and Exchange mail server, I'm so sad because now they don't have email and internet to communicate. I try to boot it on safe mode but no luck, ask one of my friends to help since I'm not that good at Linux. He may be here tomorrow, hope we can get everything fix

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