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Can "I"Tunes work with WIndows ME?

By 412Know,1 Must Seek ·
Hi, I have a friends son that just got an I Tunes box and is frustrated because their OS is Windows ME and at teh I Tuens site it says you must have Win 2000 or XP. Anyone know of a work around? Thanks!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can "I"Tunes work with WI ...

I think that at the very least an OS upgrade will be needed here as there is no software from Apple to run on any Windows version prior to W2K with Service Pack 4 installed.

About the only thing that I can even think of is to plug the I Pod into the ME box through a USB lead and see if ME actually sees the I Pod as a Bulk Storage Device. If it does without the need for any software you should be able to transfer the MP3 files to the I Pod without I Tunes and play them through the I Pod them but you'll have to forget I Tunes unless you have at the very least Y2K with SP 4 loaded.

Currently there is a petition running for Apple to release a version of I tunes for 98 and ME and you can lodge a protest at the following URL

While it might do some good I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting perhaps they could return the I Pod and get a Sound Blaster MP3 Player which does work with ME. If enough people do this the Apple Dealers will be putting pressure onto Apple to release a piece of Software to work with ME and 98. This is a very good example of looking before you buy and never believing the salesman/woman.

Of course if you make a big enough stink about it I'm sure that the Apple Dealer will offer you one of the new I Macs at a discount to make up for the error.


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