Can key be included?

By mr_t_wright ·
Ok I am growing tired of inputting the key in when installing office on a computer.. Is there anyway to add the key on the disk so that it is there automatically without me having to put it in?

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what I do is

by Sue T In reply to Can key be included?

add a text do that has the CD key in it and then I just copy and paste it. Not exactly what you are looking for but it might help. granted I do have to either copy the office CD to either another CD and include that text or copy the whole thing to a server and install from the server. I will be watching this question to see if someone knows of a way to do what you are asking.

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Here is what I found....

by Donmecca In reply to what I do is

First you will need to copy all the files in the Office installer disc to your hard drive. Then edit the setup.ini file which is at Files\Setup folder and create a new value PIDKEY=YOURPRODUCTKEYHERE at Options. Here?s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. The below guide is for Microsoft Office 2003.

1. Copy all the files from your Microsoft Office CD.
2. Go to \Files\Setup, right click on the Setup.ini file, select Properties and uncheck Read-only.
3. Open Setup.ini, locate [Options] and right at the bottom of the options, type PIDKEY=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY. Replace the ABCDE? with your genuine Office product key.
4. Save the setup.ini file and burn all the files to a new disc if you need to.

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Beat me to it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Here is what I found....
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by mr_t_wright In reply to Here is what I found....

Thank you I will try later when I have the time, I am sure it will work it sounds logical...

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didnt work

by mr_t_wright In reply to Thanks

I added the key under the options as instructed but it still asked me to input the key?

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Not unless you have the full code to your office suite..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can key be included?

So the answer will be no. But saying that, there might be some software that can do what you are asking for.

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Admin installation

by christianshiflet In reply to Can key be included?

From your search engine of choice, check out creating an administrative installation point for your version of office. That should provide an option for what you seem to be trying to do. I hope that helps.

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You can but there is a licensing issue

by Nimmo In reply to Can key be included?

Unless you have a volume license key there isn't any point because all the office keys will be different.

Also you'll find that with Office for you to create an unattended installation you need to have Office enterprise edition.

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